25 Woodworking Hand Tools List for Beginners

Woodworking Hand Tools

Are you confused about the hand tools you need for your woodworking project?

Below, we are sharing our thoughts about the required hand tools for a woodworking workshop. If you are a beginner, then this article is going to be adjuvant for you. It will help you to find the best tools as we have recommended the tools from the best brands and marketplaces. We have also attached the links of those tools under each tool description that will help you to easily navigate. It will be a pleasure for us to work for you. Let’s start the discussion.


1. A strong Wooden workbench

If you visit a woodworker’s workshop you will definitely see a workbench there. It is the most important tool for woodworking workshops. Workbench is used for planning and cutting Woods. It is also used to store the most used tools. You need a steady and stable place to cut the wood or build furniture. If you cut the wood in a random high and low place, the shape of the furniture will not be perfect and precise. A Workbench may help you to do your job perfectly. You will get a lot of wooden workbenches in the market. All are not good enough to take the mass. The vise of different parts i.e leg, shoulder, face, tail, wagon, etc should be of good quality. In some workbenches, a vise of cast iron is used. In others, strong wood is used as a vise. There is no fixed dimension of a workbench. But for most of the workbenches, the depth varies from 28 inches to 36 inches, the width is 48 inches to 96 inches and the height is 28 inches to 38 inches. If we talk about the length, the bench can be 5 feet to 7 feet. But it depends on your preference. You can work on longer pieces of wood if you use a long workbench. You can buy a workbench in the markets. There are some online platforms where you can get workbenches also. But our suggestion is that try to build your own workbench according to your comfort dimensions.



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Our Recommendation in Buying Wooden Workbench

 Hofmann & Hammer Premium German Workbench

  • Workbenches on Amazon
  • Workbenches in Home Depot


2. Purchase a good quality Jack plane

Jack plane is a type of bench plane that is used to flat the rough flitch or trunk and give it to A final shape. It is also used to smooth the wood surface. There are different sizes of jack planes. It generally depends on the work. But the common dimension of a jack plane is about- length is 12 inches to 18 inches and the width is 2.5 inches to 3 inches. the width of The Blade is 1.5 inches to 9/5 inches. In the USA, the common and traditional dimension of a Jack plane is- 15 inches to the 18-inch length and 7/4 inch to 5/2 inch width. You can buy metal Jack planes. Stanley manufactures some of the best Jack planes in the market. You do not have to spend a lot to buy a Jack plane. At only $15, you can also get a good quality jack plane for your workspace.


Our Recommendation in Buying Jack Planes

  • Ohio Jack Planes
  • Best Quality Stanley Jack Planes
  • Wooden Jack Planes on eBay


3. Buy a Block Plane

A block plane is relatively small. It is a hand plane that can be used with one hand only. The body of a block plane is made of metal. A block plane is used to remove thin shavings of wood and to chamfer. It is also used to remove glue lines. There are different types of block planes. They are- standard angle block plane, low angle block plane, duplex block plane, pocket-sized block plane, rabbet block plane, etc. It also varies in length. The typical length of a block plane is 3 inches to 7 inches. The Blade of a standard-angle block plane is about 20 degrees whereas that of a low-angle block plane is 12 degrees.

Like check planes, Stanley also creates the best quality block planes. Besides Stanley, some other brands like WoodRiver, Lie-Nielsen, etc also manufacture some best quality block planes.


Our Recommendation in Buying Block Planes

  • Block Planes on Amazon
  • Stanley Block Planes
  • WoodRiver Block Planes
  • Lie- Nielsen Block Planes


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4. Purchase Two Types of Panel Saw- Rip Hacksaw and Crosscut Hacksaw.

A panel saw is relatively smaller (about 20 inches long) than traditional Hacksaws and sometimes called a hand saw. Panel saws are of two types according to tooth configuration. They are rip saw and crosscut saw. If you need to cut along the length of the grain, then you should use rip saws. And if you need to cut across the grain you should use crosscut saws. This is the main difference between rip saws and crosscut saws. So you should own both rip saws and crosscut saws.

There are different types of rip hacksaws. But a rip saw of 4 to 7 PPI ( points per inch) may be comfortable for woodwork. You can use less than 4 PPI. But it will be cumbersome for you to control. You can see the number over the saw plate.

The teeth of the crosscut saw are relatively smaller than that of the rip saw. So the point per inch rate is higher and it is 7 PPI  to 9 PPI. It will look like a knife. You can get some good quality panel saws(rip and crosscut) on eBay, woodcraft, highland woodworking, etc.


Our Recommendation in Buying Panel Saws

  • Panel Saws on Amazon
  • Woodcraft Panel Saws
  • Highland Panel Saws


5. Buy a Couple of Back Saws

Back saws are important for developing wooden joints. It has a stiffening rib on the edge of the opposite side of the saw. It gives better control when cutting. This results in a precise cutting. The teeth of the back saw are densely spaced. So the back saw has no space between the teeth. There are different types of backsaws. They are- a miter saw, tenon saw, sash saw, dovetail saw, etc. Dovetail saws are used to cut dovetails. It has about 15 to 20 PPI which is very high in number. This tool is used in cross-cutting operations. A tenon saw is a mid-sized saw used for cutting tenons. Carcass saw is used for cutting across the grain. A good quality backsaw has a thin, Sharp, and strong blade. The Blade is made of brass or steel. If you have a good budget, try to buy a dovetail saw, a tenon saw, and a carcass saw for your workshop. But if you have a small budget, buy a dovetail saw. It can be used as a carcass or tenon saw also. If you want to buy hacksaws try to buy saws with thinner blades and a comfortable grip. Try to check the saw which fits your hand comfortably.


Our Recommendations in Buying Backsaws

  • Back saws on Amazon
  • Back saws on Home Depot


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6. Purchase A Miter Box and A Miter Saw

A miter saw is considered as a large backsaw which is about 20 to 30 inches. It is a very effective tool that will help you to cut the wood precisely. You can also maintain accurate length and angle during cutting. On the other hand, the miter box is a frame of a long backsaw. With the help of it, you can cut the wood from different angles. You can use the same angle for cutting multiple Times. A miter box is made of wood or metal.

There are different types of miter saws. Disston, Millers Falls, Stanley blue picture some good quality miter saws. The quality of the miter saw depends on the sharpness. There are different types of miter boxes. But avoid using the carcass backsaw with your miter box.


Our Recommendations in Buying A Mitre Box and A Mitre Saw

  • Stanley Miter Box
  • Millers Falls Miter Box


7. Purchase A Coping saw

A Coping saw is used to cut complex external shapes. It is also used for fretwork. The coping saw has a strong and thin Steel Blade. It is C-shaped. The Blade is replaceable. You can remove the blade, place it in the middle of the wood piece and reconnect The Blade to cut the piece from the middle portion. The mechanism of coping saw depends on the pull stroke. You can cut the wood from any direction.

You can get a coping saw for 15 to 20 Dollars. This can be used to cut shapes. But it will be best to buy a good quality coping saw. So you should buy a mid-budget coping saw for better use.


Our Recommendations in Buying a Coping Saw

  • Coping Saw on Woodcraft
  • Coping Saw on Highland Woodworking


8. Purchase A 6-inch combination square

The combination square is used for measuring the squareness of the woodblock during the planning.  It has two parts-  a rule and ahead. A combination square can be of different lengths.  It can be between 4 inches to 24 inches. But a 6-inch combination square is very useful in woodwork. The rules of the combination square have markings on both sides. Metric or Imperial units are used in a combination square. The head can be of different types- the standard head, protractor head, Centre finder head, etc. You can buy one or two 6-inch combination squares for your workshop.


Our Recommendations in Buying 6-inch Combination Square

  • 6-inch combination square on Woodcraft
  • 6-inch combination square on Amazon
  • 6-inch combination square on Highland Woodworking


9. Purchase A Sliding Bevel Square or Bevel Gauge

A bevel square is a hand tool that is used for setting and checking in woodwork. It is also used to check the accuracy by measuring the slope. It is also known as a bevel gauge or T bevel of the false square. The try square is fixed to 90 degrees but the angle of the bevel gauge is not fixed. It has two parts- a wing nut or thumbscrew and a handle. the wing nut allows the blade to move freely and be locked at any fixed angle. Plastic or wood or sometimes metals are used for the handle. You have to consider one thing when buying a bevel gauge. That is, the handle should not move after locking The Blade. you can get a Good quality bevel square at only $25.


Our Recommendations in Buying A Bevel Gauge

  • Bevel Gauge on Highland Woodworking
  • Bevel Gauge on Amazon
  • Bevel Gauge on Woodcraft


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10. Buy a Try Square

A try square is a hand tool used in woodworking and metalworking workshops. Workers use a try square to check the right angles on pieces of wood. It is one of the most essential tools for woodworking. There are two parts of a try square. They are- the blade and the stock. These two parts are attached together and form an L shape. The size of a try square varies from 3 inches to 24 inches. A 3-inch square is used to make small joints. If you want to buy a try square or build a try square we recommend you 5 to 6 inches square. It is considered as an average best size of a try square used in woodworks.

The accuracy of a try square decreases over time. So buying a cheap try square may be a waste of money. Try to buy the best quality try a square of the top quality brands.


Our Recommendations in Buying A Try Square

  • Try Square on Amazon
  • Try Square on Highland Woodworking
  • Try Square on Woodcraft


11. Build or Purchase a Wooden Joiner’s Mallet

The Mallet looks like a hammer. But the main difference between a Mallet and the hammer is a mallet is used to strike something without damaging it and if you strike something with the hammer it will definitely take damage. A mallet has a larger head than a hammer which is made of wood or rubber. We prefer using an English-type joiner’s Mallet for your wood workshop as it has a traditional value. It has a large head made of wood. The advantage of this mallet is it is lighter than other mallets.

If we talk about the function of a Mallet in a woodworking workshop, then the main function is striking the chisels at the time of cutting joins. If you use another hand tool like a hammer instead of a mallet, the chisel will be broken. So it is better to buy or build your personal mallet that fits you.


Our Recommendations in Buying a Mallet

  • Wooden Mallet on Highland Woodworking
  • Wooden Mallet on Woodcraft
  • Wooden Mallet on Amazon


12. Purchase A Set of Bench Chisels

Chisels the most important tool for your workshop. So you should buy the best quality chisels for your work. It is used in almost every project. It has a cutting edge for cutting woods. You can use it manually or by striking with the hammer. There are different types of chisels. They are- bench chisels, firmer chisels, paring chisels, carving chisels, framing chisels, skew chisels, etc. But we suggest you buy 3 to 4 bench chisels first. It is the most common type of chisel for your woodwork. It can be of different types i.e bevel edge bench chisels, normal edge bench chisels, flat edge bench chisels, etc. The bevel edge bench chisels are manufactured to be fit for dovetail joints. You can buy a set of bevel edge bench chisels.

If you do not buy a set try to buy the chisels of 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 to 1/4 inch. We recommend you buy a set. Stanley manufactures one of the best chisels in the market.


Our Recommendations in Buying Bench Chisels

  • Bench Chisel on Woodcraft
  • Bench chisels on Amazon
  • Bench Chisel on eBay


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13. Buy a Mortise Chisel

The mortise chisel is used to cut mortise joints or grooves. It is a type of chisel that is much thicker than its width.  The thickness has made the chisel stronger than other types. It is also more durable than bench chisels. The side of a mortise chisel is slightly tapered so that one can easily cut Mortises. The mortise chisel is made of A2  tool steel and the overall length of it is about 10.5 inches. There are different sizes of mortise chisels.  it can be of 3/16  inch, 1/4  inch, 1/2  inch, 3/8  inch, 5/16  inch, 7/8 inch, etc. You do not have to buy a set of mortise chisels. Buying one or two chisels can do your job. If you buy one chisel,  then we recommend buying a 3/8 inch mortise chisel. And if you have a budget of two, we recommend a 1/4 inch and a 3/8 inch mortise chisel.


Our Recommendations in Buying Mortise Chisels

  • Mortise Chisel on Woodcraft
  • Mortise Chisel on eBay
  • Mortise Chisel on Amazon


14. Buy a measuring tape

A measuring tape is a type of hand tool which is used to measure length, width, height, distance, size, etc. It is a type of flexible ruler. It can be made of cloth, plastic, or steel. It is so small that you can keep it in the pocket. There are two types of measuring tapes. They are- spring return pocket measuring tape and long measuring tape. The spring return pocket measuring tape is designed to carry it in a pocket. The case of it is about 3 inch and the tape is about 1 foot to 15 feet long. The tape is 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch across. The second type of measuring tape is about 25 feet or 50feet or 100 feet or 200 feet or a maximum of 500 feet long. You need a spring return measuring tape for your workshop.

Measuring tape is very easy to use. If you want to buy a single tape then buy a measuring tape of 12 feet to 15 feet size. If you have a budget of two measuring tapes, then we suggest you have an extra 25 feet also.


Our Recommendations in Buying Measuring Tape

  • Measuring Tape on Amazon
  • Measuring Tape on Woodcraft
  • Measuring Tape on eBay


15. Purchase A Pair of Divider

A divider is a hand tool that is used to measure distances. It looks like a pencil compass. A measuring tape can be used instead of a divider. But the accuracy of the divider is better than the measuring tape. The main function of a divider is to transfer the measurement from one piece to another piece of wood.

It is a very useful instrument. It has two adjustable legs connected with a pin joint. The ending part of the divider is built sharp for greater accuracy. You should own a minimum of one pair of dividers. The more you will have, the more measurement you can lock at a time. We suggest buying dividers between 6 inches to 9 inches.


Our Recommendations in Buying a Pair of Divider

  • Divider on Amazon
  • Divider on eBay
  • Divider on Woodcraft


16. Buy or Build a Marking Gauge

A marking gauge is a similar type of instrument of dividers that are used in the wood workshop to identify measurements. It is used to draw a parallel line of the reference edge. You need a minimum of one good quality marking gauge. It has three parts. They are- a beam, a headstock, and a marking part. An incisive part like a pen, knife, pin, etc is used as a marking implement. The headstock part has a sliding capability along the beam. You can lock the sliding, at different places of the beam to use it for measurement purposes. The types of marking gauges generally depend on the marking implementation. But in a wood workshop, a pen or pencil is used.

If you need a marketing gauge, we suggest you buy a good quality marking gauge. Do not think of buying a cheap marking gauge as it is an instrument of measuring. This will be a waste of money.


Our Recommendations in Buying A Marking Gauge

  • Marking Gauge on Amazon
  • Marking Gauge on Woodcraft
  • Marking Gauge on eBay


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17. Buy a marking knife

A Marking knife is a marking tool. You can use it to mark on your wood piece where you will cut using saws. It is a very useful instrument. You can mark accurate lines for accurate cutting. Some woodworkers prefer to use an old knife or any kind of knife. But it is wrong. You need a new and sharp knife to get better precision. The Blade of a marking knife is made of steel. Sometimes the marked line is quite hard to see. So some workers use a pencil to mark another line that overlaps that line. You can get some good quality marking knives at a low price also.


Our Recommendation in Buying A Marking Knife

  • Marking Knife on Amazon
  • Marking Knife on eBay
  • Marking Knife on Woodcraft


18. Buy a rebate plane or rabbet plane

A rabbet plane is one of the most important tools for woodworking. It is used to cut the rabbets in wood. It has a long historical background. It is a type of joinery plane. You need a group of hand planes to cut rabbets perfectly. Among the planes, shoulder plane, wooden or metal rabbet planes are on the top. The body of the rabbet plane is made of wood or metals. Two types of rebate planes are used in woodworking. They are- straight iron rebate plane ( cut with the grain) and skewed iron rebate plane ( cut across the grain). The skewed rebate plane is the expensive one. Try to buy a good quality rebate plane as rabbets need to be cut properly.


Our Recommendation in Buying A Rebate or Rabbet Plane

  • Rabbet Plane on Amazon
  • Rabbet Plane on Woodcraft
  • Rabbet Plane on eBay


19. Nail set

You should have several sizes of nails, a set would be better. It is used to drive nail heads in the wood piece. You can feel the holes using nails. It allows you to finish nails flush to the surface. The advantage of using a nail set is that you can keep the hammerhead away from the wood surface that ensures the safety of your wood piece.


Our Recommendation in Buying a Nail set

  • Nail Set on Amazon
  • Nail Set on Woodcraft


20. Buy a Moisture Meter

In woodworking, a moisture meter is used to detect the current moisture of woods. It is also used to find out the problems of damping of the wall. To build good quality furniture woodworkers need a moisture meter. The tool indicates the most share content in (%MC). It has a range of 5:00 to 40% when it is used to indicate the moisture content of the wood. The range can vary for other materials.

Some moisture meters have a pin, Some are pinless. The pin is used to create a very small hole on the wood surface and measure the moisture content. The pinless moisture meter has a sensor that helps to scan the wood surface and show the percentage. A good quality moisture meter has settings where you can indicate the moisture content of different species of wood.


Our Recommendation in Buying A Moisture Meter

  • Moisture Meter on eBay
  • Moisture Meter on Woodcraft
  • Moisture Meter on Amazon


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21. Buy Some Woodworking clamps

Woodworking clamps are used to hold your wood joints until your newly used glue hardens. And so, you can do other works at this time. So it is a very useful tool that can save you time.

There is no limit to buying clamps. We can share a trick with you. That is first check how many clamps you need for your project by doing the first project without glue. That’s means, make a frame with the Woods only. Then calculating it, by the required amount of clamps. Do the same for the next project. After some projects, you will see you have got more than enough amount of clamps. You may follow this trick. Buy some good-quality clamps from the list below.


Our Recommendation in Buying Woodworking Clamps

  • Woodworking Clamps on Amazon
  • Woodworking Clamps on eBay
  • Woodworking Clamps on Woodcraft



22. Buy A Screwdriver Set

The screwdriver is a must-need hand tool in your woodworking tool list. You need a couple of screwdrivers of different sizes and types. They are- Phillips screwdriver, slotted head screwdriver, star head screwdriver, and Torx screwdriver. So it is better to have a set of screwdrivers. You may need a long screwdriver that will give you a good amount of torque. You need a small and medium slotted head screwdriver to work in the gaps. It is better to have a ratcheting screwdriver also. It is a useful hand tool, we suggest buying the best quality screwdriver set.


Our Recommendation in Buying Screwdrivers

  • Screwdrivers on Amazon
  • Screwdrivers on Woodcraft
  • Screwdrivers on eBay


23. Buy A Couple of Levels

You need a couple of levels (one or two) for your wood projects. A 4 feet level and an 8-inch level can help you to do your job properly. The 8-inch level is known as a torpedo level. The body of the levels is made of wood or metal. There are two Bubbles in levels. One bubble is used to get the reading of level ( horizontal reading) and another one is used to get the reading of plumb (vertical reading). Have to fix the body up and down to bring the bubble exactly between the lines. That means your surface is a proper level or plumb surface.


Our Recommendation in Buying Levels

  • Level on Amazon
  • Level on eBay
  • Level on Woodcraft


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24. Purchase A Claw hammer

Sometimes you need to pull out nails from the wood surface. A claw hammer makes your job easier. A claw hammer looks like the letter T. But the head is not straight, slightly curved. There are different sizes of claw hammers. You need a hammer that fits your hand and you can control it comfortably.


Our Recommendation in Buying A Claw Hammer

  • Claw Hammer on Amazon
  • Claw Hammer on eBay
  • Claw Hammer on Woodcraft


25. Purchase Sharpening Supplies

If you want to build good, eye-catching furniture or wood fretwork, you must need a good quality hand tool first. And secondly, you do not sharpen your tools, the blades and the edges of the tools get dull. No matter what the quality of your hand tools, you just need to sharpen those. Otherwise, it will affect your work. So buying sharpening supplies is a very crucial decision at the time of building a wood workshop. Try to buy good quality sharpening supplies as chief sharpening supplies can cause damage to your tools.


Our Recommendation in Buying Sharpening Supplies

  • Sharpening Supplies on Amazon
  • Sharpening Supplies on Highland Woodworking
  • Sharpening Supplies on Woodcraft


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