How to use hand tools?

How to use hand tools

What are the hand tools?

Hand tools define any type of tools used by hand and do not need any motor or electrical power. This contains hammers, wrenches, cutters, clamps, and so much more.


Hand tools which are most used in general-purpose?

  • Knives

Without kitchen knives, every home has an industrial-grade knife as a tool kit. It is made of hard material and used for cutting, unboxing. For precaution, ensure the knife blade has a locking mechanism.

  • Scissors

One of the most common and popular tools is scissors. Scissors useful in various situations. Such as kitchen, school, DIY project, and many more. It also uses for unpacking.

  • Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers have different shapes and sizes.  It is must needed tool. Screwdriver screws and unscrew nails on any surface.  It tightens the hinges.  Also helps to assemble furniture and install a light.  The handle of the screwdriver made of wood or plastic with a good grip. The blade of a screwdriver is made of carbon steel and heat-treated for hardness.

  • Hammers

Hammer is used to delivering high force.  It is made of a wooden stick with a block of metal. Hammer nails, break objects, forge metal. A heavy hammer is more effective while nailing. Weight should be easier to lift the hammer.

  • Wrench

Wrench grip and turn objects. They assemble furniture and repair bikes.  Also, loosen and tighten the bolts. Plumbers use wenches in their jobs. Plumbers use a wrench to turn pipes.

  • Pilers

Pilers are popular and common tools. Pilers are in almost every home. It has several uses. Such as removing unwanted objects, bending materials, holding objects firmly. It also uses straightening wires, cutting wires, removing nails, and holding objects firmly in one place.  The best pilers are with needle-nose and wire cutting abilities. Home and workshop everywhere it is needed.

  • Clamps

A clamp is a tool used to hold objects tightly together to prevent separation. Clamps can be permanent or temporary. Clamps repairs and assembles furniture or DIY projects.

  • Bradawl

A bradawl is a similar tool to a straight screwdriver. It is used to make indentations in wood or any other materials.  It is convenient to insert the screws. It helps to nail something.

  • Tape measure

It is must needed tool kit for every home. It is used for measurements. In the case of, DIY furniture project or painting your home, a tape measure is compulsory. Basically, a 16 to 20 feet tape measure is needed for household purposes.

How to use hand tools smartly?

First steps before start work with hand tools:

  1.  You have to buy the tool that you can afford. Cheap tools quality is not good. You have to buy different sizes of the same tool to make your job easier.
  2. You have to choose the one which was manufactured to perform.
  3. Check tools for cracks, chips, etc.  Leave damaged tools immediately.
  4. Check your tools are okay to perform.
  5. You have to decide on your job before starting.
  6. You have to check the hidden issues, especially electric wires in a wall.
  7. Make sure the current off when you are working near electricity.
  8. Properly organize the tools in a toolbox.
  9. Ensure your secured body position while working with the tool. For better care wear eye protection.
  10. Focus on work, don’t think about how trivial it is!


Striking and Struck Tools:

  1.  Always wear safety goggles while working with striking and struck tools.
  2. You have to strike with a hammer with the face parallel to the surface being struck.
  3. Use the proper size of a hammer for the job.
  4. Never use one hammer to strike another hammer.
  5.  Sharp your struck tools before use.



  1. The blade must be fitted with a slot.
  2.  In most jobs, you have to drill a hole first.
  3. Never strike a screwdriver handle with a hammer.
  4. Do not use the handles as a striking tool.
  5.  Never use them as scrapers, lid removers, punches.
  6.  Never hold work in one hand while using a screwdriver in the other. If the blade slips, you can get hurt.
  7. The screwdriver has the proper type of screws. If you failed to select the right one, the tool’s blade can slip out of the screw’s slot, causing an injury.
  8. Always turn off the power and use insulated screwdrivers.



  1. To keep control, pull the wrench toward you; do not push it far from you.
  2. When the teeth become worn always replace them.
  3. Do not hammer with the wrench
  4. Always careful about that your face or head level with a wrench handle.
  5. Do not use a handle extender while turning a wrench.
  6. Always use a box to free a tight or frozen nut.
  7. Ensure the wrench fits a nut or bolt exactly.


Cordless Tools:

  1. Read properly to understand the instruction manual.
  2. Never operate cordless tools.
  3. Keep the tool unapproachable to children.
  4. Make sure the switch is off before changing or adjusting accessories.
  5. At the time of working only hold the insulated gripping surfaces.
  6. Be careful, do not touch the blade, drill bit immediately after the operation.



  • What are the basic hand tools?

Answer: There are some basic hand tools, those are very common. Those basic tools used in home and workshop. Such as wrenches, screwdrivers, knives, hammers, etc.

  • Why we use hand tools?

Answer: We use hand tools to save time. Hand tools give a professional result. Hand tools make our work easy and effective.

  • How do we use hand tools and equipment?

Answer: Some rules need to be obeyed when using hand tools. Those are:

  1. Always wear eye protection.
  2. Always wear the right safety equipment for the job.
  3. Use the right size and type of tools.
  4. Maintain the procedure correctly.
  5. Never work with oily hands.
  6. Always keep your tools in good condition.

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