Sk Hand Tools Review: Are SK tools any good?

Sk Hand Tools Review

SK Hand Tools Corporation is an Illinois-related company. Their principal products include mechanic tools such as wrenches and drive tools. They also produce sockets, wrenches, as well as air tools.


The company is one of the most acknowledged names when it arrives at professional hand tools in the market. Their products are broadly used and they are highly appreciated by a lot of professionals.


The company is citable for having invented the round head ratchet, which is one of the most popular tools today. Note that the company is now helpful for Ideal Industries.


Narrated as an idyllic brand in the United States, SK Hand Tools Corporation has been almost for decades. Some professional mechanics have used and been grown-up old using products of this company.


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When Noah Grover Klove and Mason H. Sherman established the company, they named it simply as the Sherman-Klove Company. Back then the company specialized in the producing of screw machine products.

It was one of the products of the large industrialization that happened in World War I. During its commencement, the company produced war arms for the US Army. Their Chicago screw machine plant manufactured mortar housings.


Things changed after the war since the need for war arms which is named the atomic bomb dropped successfully. The business transferred and the company starts an agreement to produce tools for other brands, which included Craftsman.


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The Great Depression

The production of screw machine products for other business existence was a hit. Well, that was until the Great Depression arrived along. Dissimilar to the many companies at the time, Sherman-Klove enriches in spite of financial trouble.


One of their major consumer, Hinsdale Socket and Wrench Company, closed down and recorded for bankruptcy. This left them with a huge catalog of socket wrenches.


The company redesigned these socket wrenches – well, that was not the only object that non-persistent. The whole company had to sustain a few changes as well and the name was changed to S-K Tools.


The redesigned socket wrenches are grown one of their more successful products. These ratchets have been rescued ranging from 1/4-drive up to 3/4-drive.


Note that their redesigned round head ratchets came true one of the most 7 popular ratchets in the US market for the last 7 decades. It is so efficient that many of the renovations of the round head only showed very minimal innovations when compared to the actual.


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They owned the patent for this type of ratchet, which was patented in 1933. It was an offer with honor not only of the SK Hand Tool company but of its major contestants as well. Simply put, they still make money every time and a competitor also makes money.


In 2010 SK Hand Tools comes a part of the Ideal Industries family. Both companies are established on novelty and commitment to American tradesmen.


Product Quality

The tools and products that come out of the workhouse of the SK Hand Tools Corporation have pretty much deliberated the standard in the industry. Their tools are generally pretty highly rated by actual customers.


A lot of their products are rated 4 to 4.50 stars out of 5 stars. These are ratings from those valuable customers who have used their products for many decades. They manufacture more than 3,000 types of tools. At present, the company has production plants in Sycamore, Illinois, and Colorado Springs, Colorado.


What types of customers have to say about their tools?

A huge amount of the customers have a generally beneficial opinion about the company’s products. Some customers would say that SK Tools are their go-to brand for really laborious jobs.


The sockets generally get a lot of admirers from DIYers who love to work right out their homes I mean remotely as well as professional mechanics working hard in shops all over the nation. The toolsets are also a huge facilitated for a lot of users. They are really fond of these category tools.


Tools with multiple sockets included in the set are also quite famous. They are usually narrated as having a pretty nice grasp. Even the reassemble SK sockets become easy fond by experienced mechanics. All products from this brand are produced in the USA.


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SK Socket Set Review – 3/8″ 18pc Fractional Set

SK Hand Tool transmitted over their 18pc 3/8″ fractional socket set, model 94520, for review. I pointed that this set should let me a really good impact on the brand’s sockets, basic ratchets, and extensions, and it has.


As with most (if not all) SK’s tools, this set is made in the USA.


The set comes to be wrapped with a green blow-molded plastic case. There’s nothing worthy of remark about the case, and while it might be a little light duty it still feels plenty lasting.


One thing I glad about the case is that it has a groove on both sides of the case, making it very flexible to carry the case from a shelf or drawer and to a work area. The grooves fit-out to create a simple but effective handle.


There’s nothing extra special about the ratchet either it’s a basic 3/8″ round-head ratchet with 40 teeth. As with other uneven-tooth ratchets, you’ll possibly keep this in your drawer after you develop to a finer-tooth one. It’ll still be convenient for those times when you necessary brute power.


One thing I obviously say – for a socket set ratchet, SK sure went to a lot of disturbance giving the head and handle a nice full-glamor chrome finish. The knurling is noticeable and gives the ratchet a flexible grip.


The sockets are near-solid. Fitting, function, and finishing are great almost all-around. SK’s SuperKrome chrome plating is said to be helpful, but I may have contemptuous how great it would look in person.


I like that deep sockets have some grooves, which can make it easier to work with longer binders and studs. With sockets that have full-length hex grooves, it’s hard to tell where the binder is. With these, you have got the same visual review as you do with not too deep sockets.


I don’t think I’ve come across any requests where a simple groove is required or works better than a full-length hex recess, so I see it more as an added advantage.


The sockets have clear and easy-to-read locative signs. You could always fill them in with a little lard or paint to have the sizing stand out even more, but I don’t think that’s the need here.


The socket grooves also have SK’s SureGrip hex design that grips binders at their sides, instead of the corners. This assists to provide a strong grip a greatly decreases the risk of rounding or binder damage.


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And yes, all of the tools in the SK set are manufactured in the USA. The same is mostly authentic with all of SK’s socket sets and individual sockets, drive tools, and other accessories.


One thing I found odd is that some of the smaller deep sockets are not quite as deep as other brands’ deep sockets. Likened to my Craftsman deep sockets (I picked these up when they were clearance out their Ti-coated socket sets), SK’s 9/16″ and smaller sockets are smaller, while the 5/8″ and larger sockets are around the same height.


I almost said shallower, but since SK deep sockets have some hex groove, you do not benefit or lose socket groove depth according to socket height.


I chose that the smaller-sized deep sockets are shorter, as it makes them more controllable and balances to binder sizes. On the other hand, the smaller heights could in theory decrease the binder approach and reach. I cannot think of any recent applications where these mid-sized SK sockets would be adequately short.



1. SK 94549 3/8-Inch Drive 6-Point Fractional/Metric Socket Set, 49-Piece


  1. Patented SuperKrome(SK) finish
  2. Characteristic of the SureGrip(SG) hex design
  3. Lifetime warranty


  1. Costly
  2. The quality of the case is suspicious

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2. SK 42470 Professional 1/2-Inch Drive 10-1/4-Inch Reversible Ratchet


  1. Opposite ratchet design
  2. A diamond grip characteristic
  3. Plane ratchet work
  4. Treble tooth connect


  1. A little valuable than the contest


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3. SK 45172 3/8-Inch Drive 1-1/2-Inch Professional Thumbwheel Ratchet


  1. 36 tooth design
  2. Diamond knurled handle
  3. Characteristic a thumbwheel
  4. Completely surrounded ratchet process
  5. Treble tooth connect


  1. Price hike point


Buy Now


4. SK Hand Tools 86255 Fractional Combination Wrench Set, 15-Piece


  1. Characteristic SureGrip lock
  2. Thicker jerk
  3. Has border that is rounded off


  1. Combo on the short side set of the market – not the set for you if you require bigger wrenches
  2. Some problem of the finishing issues


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5. SuperKrome 86265 12-Point 8-to-22-mm Combination Wrench Set, 15-Piece


  1. SureGrip hex design
  2. 15-degree open corner
  3. Lifetime warranty


  1. Open-box sets may have vanishing tools


 Buy Now


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It is not easy to gauge SK tools against Proto, Williams, Wright, Armstrong, and other USA-brands’ tools I worth or have used, as I simply do not deed enough side-by-side comparisons. These tools are certainly a step above Craftsman – of that there is no question. I would say that they are at least at an equal quality level as other brands.

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