How To Make a Small Wooden Box With Hand Tools

How To Make a Small Wooden Box With Hand Tools

Making wooden box with hand tools is not that much easy which we think about it. As well it is not that much hard too.  If you want to make a small wooden box, first you should make a definite plan for what you must to do. The plan for making boxes here can serve you as inspiration, or you can try to make one of them on your own.


Wooden boxes have been used for thousands of years to hold different kinds of valuable possessions or materials. According to measurement, wooden boxes have a small or large variation. Small wooden boxes have always been used for storing jewellery, antiques, money and other high valuables. As well large wooden boxes were used in the past as a piece of stuff for stocking clothes, bedding, other different items and food. Wooden boxes are still being used, and they have a great practical use – from absolutely effective, to its aesthetic and artistic use.


People use them to keep various things, and they are often custom-made, like ornaments boxes, candle boxes, knife boxes, desk boxes, cigar boxes etc. The wooden box is an ideal object to ornament it. Using a wooden box is a sign of family pride and authentication. Making wooden box can be done in various techniques, and the wooden box can also be made in the tremendous art forms. For this reason, boxes usually playing a role of decoration or even a work of art. As such, wooden boxes can serve as an ideal gift, or they can be used for luxury packaging, or as the promotional gifts – both commercial and private ones.


Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Plywood, 4 feet by 4 feet
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood glue
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Two hinges
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil

You can make a wooden box easily using simple hand tools, and avoid using power tools like electrical equipment such as a band saw or drill. Manufacturing a box in this way does not limit you to the size or style of box, but time will be the main factor as it takes longer to prepare the materials by hand. If you are a fresher to woodworking, building a small box first is a good way to learn how to use hand tools.

Follow The Steps Below

1. Lie down the sheet of plywood flat on a workbench. Use the measuring tape to measure the lengths all sides of the box, ready for cutting. Create four equal rectangular shapes measuring 12 inches by 6 inches, then two end squares which are added or joint up and down flats measuring 6 inches by 6 inches.

2. Draw the borders of the shapes onto the wood with a pencil.

3. Cut out the pieces of wood using a hand saw how far your pre-estimated measurement. Follow the pencil lines closely so each piece is the exact size, otherwise, your box will not be combined together.

4. Use sandpaper to rubbing the edges of the wood to give a smooth finish.

5. Start building your box. Allocate two of the rectangular sides of wood at right angles to one another. Then, combined them using wood glue. Place glue along the longest border and tightly close the two sides together.

6. Continue manufacturing the box by glueing another 12-inch-by-6-inch piece of wood in place. Glue along its longest border, then appendage it at a right angle to the box created in step 5. Now you will have a “U” shaped structure.

7. Joint the end pieces to the box, by simply glueing the 6-inch-by-6-inch pieces of plywood to each end of the “U” shaped box. Then leave the glue to dry.

8. Harden the box by hammering claws along the joints. Place at least three nails on each border to give the box stability.

9. Secure the two hinges on one of the open borders of the box. Then, appendage the final side to them. This creates a cover like a lid to the box that can be opened and closed easily.


For the box propagation, you can use many types of woods like cherry, mahogany, alder, walnut, tropical woods etc. Of course, purchase tropical woods from a source that contemplation sustainable yield forest management and also govt. registered.  Some box types require a particular type of machines for their manufacture, according to which they are actually named- turned boxes, routed boxes, band saw boxes, scroll saw boxes etc. The technique you want to apply the fixes choice of wood.


For example, if the preparation wants the scroll saw technique, maple or red oak wood will not be the good choice as the beginners, because they are hard to cut, and if you want your wooden box to look beautiful, you should choose a wood with a nice ground. This is very important to the selection of the wood type when you are making lucrative boxes – the appropriate choice of wood and the finish can morally turn an obscure box into the fantastic ornament for your house.


Disliked furniture making, the box manufacture does not need a large amount of wood. If you select some pieces of wood with a short number of kink or a burl, the look of your box will become unique and extraordinary. It is important to use well-dried wood for the box making. Because wet wood spoils the furniture’s durability. Since you are making figurative objects, you should pay attention to the quality of the acted dorsal surface before the assemblage. It is recommended to do the rubbing and finish the insides before assembly.


When designing a box you can envisage using various types of woodworking knots. There are different criteria that will be your guide. If you generate large quantities of the same type of the box, then the proficiency is very significant to you, so you should use woodworking knots which can be made quickly and easily with the power tools, like the ridge woodworking knots, rabbet woodworking knots.

If you are making some type of figurative box, it is completely significant to fulfilling the woodworking knuckle with the ornament of the box, so you can use a diversity of decorative woodworking knots for this motive, like dovetail knots, box knots, mitre knot reinforced with feather spline and many more other decorative woodworking knots. The woodworking knots once and again require to be imperceptible. For this basis, you can use mitre knot reinforced with spline, mitre joint, mitred rabbet joint, mitred lick rabbet joint, etc.


You can make brilliantly wonderful boxes using just the hand tools but every box maker nowadays has at least two basic power tools in his workshop – the table saw and belt sander. These tools significantly accelerate the wooden box manufacture, supplying high quality of the boxes which you make, and still give plenty of time for the handwork.


Wooden box making permissions you to execute in a very nice hobby, or a business, with low cost, since it does not need large amounts of wood, or some costly usury. In most cases, you are limited only with your skills, patience, knowledge and sense of beauty.


If you have a huge intention about box making, it will be good for you to learn some of the passionate woodworking skills like marquetry, carving or wood burning. You will get a nice box with a perfect diagram and the finish, but only with the application of decorative woodworking skills, you will get unique boxes, which will surely vary from other boxes on the market.


Wood is a wonderful material, so when you are making the box, you should not trap but spread its beauty. There are various types of skills that can be used for wooden box making. Each wooden box maker should decide which techniques he is going to use.

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