Dirty Hand Tools Log Splitter Reviews 2021

Dirty Hand Tools Log Splitter Reviews

I grow up in a suburban home with a large backyard, my favourite childhood memory was sitting with my father in the dirt and learning how to prune the hedges. Maintenance of the garden turns into my hobby. Later on, it turns into my profession. After opening my own lawn care agency what I learned was that hedge trimmers and mowers are not the only integral parts of garden care.  In waste disposal and firewood acquisition, log splitters come first.


Electric engines to gas and hydraulic rams, log splitters come in different shapes and designs. It is quite rare for a splitter to fulfil every customer need. Nevertheless, I have an all-rounder for you that brings a smile to every gardeners’ face. The Dirty Hand Tools splitter is really versatile and powerful. Here, you will get some reviews of the best dirty hand tools log splitter. Let’s get started. To choose the best hydraulic log splitter can seem intimidating at the beginning. What size you have to choose?


Which brand do you need to choose? How much you should spend on it? There are so many options and different models are available in the market. To buy the perfect log splitter may seem like a difficult task. Good news for you, if you are finding a heavy-duty, well-made log splitter that can split virtually anything you throw at it. You will consider purchasing the 22-ton professional grade log splitter by Dirty Hand Tools.



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Dirty Hand Tools Log Splitter Review

This Dirty Hand Tools log splitter has a gas-powered engine that provides 6.5 horsepower for enough power to split virtually any log you would want to burn. It has twisted pieces of oak, knotty wood, and crotches that would be approximately impossible to split by hand. With this splitter, it can be easily split. It has an auto-return facility and adjustable detent making it convenient to just hit the lever and allows the splitting wedge to return while you grab another piece saving valuable time.


It needs 2-3 pulls when it is cold but after warmed-up a single pull will start it nearly every time. Also, the engine is very quiet compared to another model I have used and it practically sips the gas, making it affordable to run. It has a hydraulic ram and beam which are very strong and heavy-duty. It is much stronger than other log splitters on the market. Moreover, all these hoses are protected with a wire wrap that prevents falling logs from puncturing the hose …. Something that I have had lots of problems with when using the Huskee 22 ton log splitter.


You can consider an attachable log cradle to buy that bolts to the side of the beam. It is handy when you are splitting logs by yourself because it prevents the split pieces from falling to the ground that not only saves time but also saves your back. The hydraulic log splitter can split in both two ways horizontally and vertically by simply pulling a spring-loaded pin and lifting the beam and ram to a vertical position. It works on oversized logs that are too heavy or dangerous to lift. It is very simple, roll the splitter when it is in the vertical position and split it while it is still on the ground.


At present, I split some massive red oak rounds that were leftover from a logging project. It is a huge task, cutting the rounds themselves. There was no other way I could lift the rounds onto the splitter. Simply, I put the Dirty Hand Tools wood splitter into the vertical position and let the machine do the rest.


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Frictionless World Dirty Hand Tools 100950 Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter 22 Ton Full-Beam Loncin Engine

This DHT 22-ton log splitter has a DHT 196cc engine producing 6.5 HP. Speed is the name of the game, it has a 10.9 second cycle time thanks to its 2 stages 13 GPM pump. This DHT 22-ton log splitter will handle logs up to 25 inches long and has a 7″ high heat treated steel wedge. It is a built-in log cradle to hold the log in place for splitting. This DHT 22-ton log splitter comes with 16″ DOT approved tires and a 2″ ball coupler with safety chains. It has a 3-year warranty, this splitter will make short work of your home splitting needs. Optional Accessories (sold separately): storage cover, log catcher. Below features of it:

  • It has DOT approved 16 inches outside diameter high-speed road tires. Also, 2inch ball with safety chains.
  • It has a reliable DHT 196cc 6.5 HP engine.
  • It has great speed, it has a 10.9 second cycle time to get through the job quickly.
  • It has a 4-inch diameter x 24-inch stroke cylinder.
  • It has two-stage 13 gallons or minute pump, 5.6 gallons maximum system, 4 gallons operational hydraulic capacity.
  • It has a 7-inch heat-treated steel wedge, also the beam has a 7-inch footplate and removal stripper plates.


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Splitting Versatility

Each splitter is not capable of providing excellent splitting versatility. The Dirty Hand Tools 100950 log splitter is equipped with two types of splitting actions. This log splitter comes in two ways both horizontal and vertical options,  and it is changeable between the positions with just the use of a pin. The vertical splitting position is convenient.  It comes to chopping down oak bark that is large, heavy, and hard to handle. The splitter has a unique log catcher that holds the wood rounds in place and decreases the possibilities of lifting.


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Where did the Dirty Hand Tools 100950 Log Splitter fall short of expectations?

Although it is a fantastic product it has some lacking in certain areas:

  • It is a gas engine based log splitters. It has tended to create harmful gaseous emissions when in use. It is difficult to use them indoors especially in enclosed places like garages.
  • No convenient button to auto start.
  • The wheels are small.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Will the 100950 Log Splitter fit my medium-sized yard?

Answer: Of course, Basically, this Dirty Hand Tools splitter is made considering medium and large yards. In this case, you have a smaller yard that basically supports shrubs, this splitter just an overbuy. In this type of cases, it is convenient to stick to a low powered electric splitter.


  • Does the splitter come equipped with hydraulic fluid?

Answer: Simply no, you have to put in the fluid yourself which is more convenient. Ensure that you double-check the opening and keep it snug shut to avoid any fluid spillage.


  • Will the splitter arrive at my doorsteps fully assembled?

Answer: It depends. Most splitters are fully assembled. The engine will be kept loose inside the crate. It is relatively easy assembling it into space, can be achieved with the help of a few nuts and bolts.


  • What is the warranty on this Product?

Answer: To get warranty information it is better to contact the seller directly. As the policy of them and return guidelines change over time, the warranty details may be different at a different time.


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Overall, compared to other 22-ton log splitters, it is clear that the Dirty Hand Tools log splitter is a great buy. It is for extremely heavy-duty. Also, it has enough power to split virtually any log, it is affordable too. If you need to heat your home by burning lots of firewood, then you should choose a hydraulic wood splitter. It is really a game-changer. Even the best maul or splitting axe cannot compete with modern machinery. If you want a great log splitter, it is recommended to buy the 22-ton professional splitter by Dirty Hand Tools….  It is really a great product.


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