9 Top DeWalt Hand Tools Reviews 2021

Top 9 DeWalt Hand Tools Reviews

DeWalt is a popular brand. It is well-known for tool making. DeWalt makes lots of excellent tools. Stanley Black and Decker own several brands and lines of automotive and mechanic tools. There is Proto, Stanley, Blackhawk, Mac, and Facom. Already, these brands offer something for each type of user, as like weekend warriors, homeowners, professional mechanics, aerospace technicians, etc.


A few years ago, DeWalt launched its hand tool line. Now, there are a couple of neat innovations and a number of tools with a strong resemblance to Stanley-branded hand tools. DeWalt claims that there is no “lick and stick” derivative copies of tools that previously developed by one or more Stanley Black & Decker brands. Facom and Proto are preferable and some of their products under DeWalt branding would be better prices and availability. These do not look similar to “lick and stick” rebrands. Actually, they look like new brands. The ratchet handles are nicely designed and seem comfortable. It can be said that quality and pricing will be somewhere between Stanley and Blackhawk brands.


Dewalt introduces more than 100 professional-grade products like knives, wrenches, pliers, tape measures, hammers, saws, toolboxes, etc. Below is a quick preview of the new hand tools that DeWalt recently sent me to try.


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1. DWHT51138 15 oz MIG Weld Framing Hammer

DeWalt DWHT5113815 oz MIG is a weld farming hammer with a checked face. There is no doubt that this offered new hammer is the alternative to the ever-popular Stiletto brand. It is just 15 ounces.  Lightweight makes it more convenient. This hammer matches the driver power of a 28-ounce hammer! Below some exclusive features:

  • Minimized fatigue and 15 oz weight for faster swing
  • Steel designed for durability and long life
  • Magnetic nail for one-handed nail replacement that makes it handy.
  • It has a vibration absorbing grip that minimizes damaging vibrations and fatigue.

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2. DWHT20547 5 in1 Multifunction Hacksaw

Hacksaws remain similar as previously not changed much over the years till this model comes. This DWHT20547 offers 5 in 1 functionality for a number of jobs. Below features include:

  • It has 45 degrees or 90-degrees blade angle for standard and flush cuts
  • Securely holds the blade up to 330lbs
  • It has a low profile for cutting in tight spaces
  • It has a long reach blade that attaches to the front frame for long reach
  • The handle of hacksaws becomes a pistol grip jab saw

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3. DWHT33385L 25′ Tape Measure

The new tool lines’ have several measuring tapes. DWHT33385L is a 25’ long tape measure that has standard features. That will fulfil your expectation. Below features include:

  • It has 13” of blade standout for increased user reach
  • It has an extra-large end hook that grabs construction material from all four sides
  • It has 3M® Thermoplastic film that helps to protect the blade from damage
  • Mylan® blade coating for longer blade life
  • It has a Duo-durometer blade-lock for durability and comfort
  • It has a wide blade and in large numbers to make the tape easy to read
  • It has a heat-treated spring for blade durability and smooth rewind
  • It has a belt clip for easy attachment and storage

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4. DWHT34036L 100′ Closed Case Long Tape

I generally carry 100’ steel tapes in my truck at all times. These are valuable. Especially, when laying out in large structures on the Jobsite. Including DWTH34036L, DeWalt will be offering several long tapes. Below are the features of this tape measure:

  • It has a 5:1 gear ratio for 5x faster blade rewind
  • For easy blade pull out it has a blade release button
  • It has a spring-loaded carbineer attachment for easy transportation
  • The rust-resistant coating increases the blade life
  • It has a dirt removal window to empty dust particles inside of the tool
  • It has a durable stainless steel crank arm
  • It has a belt clip for easy attachment and storage

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5. DWHT47143 Reel Kit with Blue Chalk

Alongside their new line of tape measures, there is also a new chalk line to bolster the layout and making category. Offering chalk line kits with Blue, Red, and White. Below are the features:

  • It has an open-access door for quick refills and access to internal components
  • It has a 100’ heavy-duty line that resists abrasion and breakage
  • It has a stainless hook and crank withstand abuse and resist corrosion
  • It has high-impact ABS housing light-weight and durable
  • It has an over-loaded soft grip for comfort and better controlling

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6. DWHT10035 Folding Retractable Utility Knife

There are several cutting tools in the new line-up. The DWHT10035 folding retractable utility knife is one of the new offerings. The design is really impressive because it takes the best of regular utility knife designs and mixes it with some of the folding designs. Available folding designs on the market seem too flimsy. Below are the features of it:

  • It has a retractable blade that offers the variable cut depth
  • It has a rapid load ™ blade changing system for quick blade changes.
  • It has a folding feature for quick and easy one-handed opening and closing
  • It has blade storage for convenient access to new blades
  • The tool body is made of rugged metal for long tool life

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7. DWHT10037R Metal Body Snap Off Knives

There are several snap-off knives in the cutting line-up. For light-duty tasks and simple packaging, these are really great. Below are the features:

  • It is made of heavy-duty metal body and rust-resistant
  • Its narrow body for manoeuvrability and storage
  • It has an integrated blade snapper for easy blade snapping
  • It has a ribbed handle for grip and better control

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8. DWHT70262M Folding Locking Hex Key (SAE)

The next one is the all-new folding locking hex key. DeWalt is offering both an MM and SAE version. The quality is very good. Easy to use. Below are some features:

  • It has a push-button locking feature that locks in 3 positions at 90degrees, 135 degrees and 180 degrees
  • It is durable and made of ergonomic construction steel side plate for torque
  • It has most commonly used hex key sizes
  • It is available in SAE or MM

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9. DWHT70270 10″ Pushlock Pliers

Certainly but not least is a new line of push-lock pliers. Over the last years, brands offer a similar plier design that is impressive. Here are some features of it:

  • It has the slim head design to fit into tight places
  • It has push-lock technology with 17 locking positions for faster jaw adjustment
  • It has a V-jaw design for multi-purpose gripping
  • Its induction heat treated jaws for extra durability
  • It has a Bi-material cushion handle for strong grip and comfort

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DeWalt is offering a line of hand tools. They are built with top materials.  Also, the built quality is amazing. These tools are available at the local hardware store also available in the provided online store link. From the upper described tools you can choose your desired one.

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