Woodworking Tools – Carpentry Tools [List of 55]

Best Woodworking Tools

Thinking of building a woodworking workshop? Or searching for help in your woodworking projects? Don’t worry! We are here to help you. We have made research on woodworking tools. If you want to complete your woodworking projects successfully, the first thing you need to have the proper knowledge about the tools. You need both the hand tools and power tools for a successful project. Having the best quality tools can make your job easier. On the other hand, some woodworkers get confused about the tools they need. So they buy tools that are pretty useless for their projects. This is a kind of wastage. So we have also discussed the tools’ functions. This will help you to find out the best tools you need. As a result, this content is going to help you to find out the details of a total of 55 best quality woodworking and carpentry tools. Let’s start the discussion-


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55 Woodworking Tools Every Woodworker & Carpenter Should Have


#1: The Claw Hammer

The claw hammer is the most basic tool for wood and carpentry. It is a tool that is used in almost every household. It looks like the English alphabet ‘T’. But the head is slightly curved rather than straight. There is a claw on one side of the head of the claw hammer. The claw hammer is named after this claw. It is used to pull out nails from the head surface like wood, wall, etc. The other head of the hammer is a little bit rounded which is used to strike objects harder.

There are different sizes of claw hammers. But you need the size that fits you. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to drive out nails properly. Sometimes it may twist your hands also. The woodworkers and carpenters mostly use the 20 oz size. They can easily drive out nails by using this type. But it is not mandatory to buy this size. You have to check the grip, weight before buying. The grip that comforts you driving and holding you should Go for it. And you have to believe in your capability also. Heavier than your capability can damage your objects and ligaments of your hand also. Do not store the hammer in a higher place after using it as it can be harmful. There are several brands that manufacture good quality claw hammers. They are- Stanley, Martin tools, craftsman, DeWalt, snap-on, etc. It is better to buy claw hammers from the top brands.



#2: Measuring Tape

It is very useful, especially for woodworkers. If you want to measure the length or width or height of any object you need a measuring tape. It is considered a flexible ruler. The traditional measuring tape is made of steel and covered with a plastic case. But we can see measuring tape of plastic or clothes also. You can keep it in your pocket during work. A measuring tape can be 15 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet, 100 feet, 200 feet, 500 feet long. But long measuring tape Harder to rollback. So we suggest buying a measuring tape of 25 feet long or 50 feet long. But if you have a good budget then you can buy more long measuring tape as it can be essential for larger projects. That means you may buy a spring return pocket measuring tape and a long measuring tape for your projects. When buying please check the lock of the tape as it is necessary to fix the tape to a required length. We recommend Stanley Fatmax Magnetic measuring tape, RYOBI 25 feet measuring tape, and Milwaukee Compact Auto Lock tape as they have premium features.


#3: Utility knife

A best-quality utility knife can be an asset for woodworkers and carpenters. There are different types of utility knives. Samar used to cut foods and some are used as a chef knife. But the knife that has an adjustment blade is used in woodworking projects. Remember to recall the blade after use as it can be harmful. A utility knife is used to clean out the mortise joints and to scribe wood. Besides, it has many other uses in woodworking workshops. Try to buy a good-quality utility knife that has a strong and sharp blade.


#4: Moisture meter

A moisture meter can bring tremendous success to any kind of woodworking project. You can not use a wet piece of wood. On the other hand, you cannot use over dry wood for your project. All you need is to keep the correct moisture content of your wood. So you need a moisture meter in this regard. It indicates the moisture content in %MC. For wood, the range of moisture content is 5% to 40%. Some moisture meters have pins that indicate the moisture content simply creating a hole on the wood surface. Another type of moisture meter is pinless. It has a sensor that indicates the moisture content by scanning the surface. We recommend buying a moisture meter that has premium features. That is it can account for different species of would like oak, ebony, etc. This will help you to complete your job more accurately.


#5. Chisels

Chisels are one of the most important hand tools for woodworkers and carpenters. As a result, you may need the best quality chisels for your projects. It is also the most used tool in woodworking projects. There is a sharp cutting edge of chisels. The other side of the chisel is made of wood traditionally. You should hit the wooden part with the hammer to make it effective. There are several types of chisels- bench chisels, mortise chisels, paring chisels, framing chisels, skew chisels, etc. You need a couple of (3-4) bench chisels first. Then you need mortise chisels also. Bench chisels are the most common type of chisel used in almost every type of project. Different bench chisels are used for different purposes like bevel edge bench chisel is used for the dovetail joints. We recommend buying some bevel edge Bench chisels. There are different sizes of chisels in the market. You do not need all of these. But it is better to have a set of chisels as you have to buy a couple of them.

Another type of chisel, mortise chisel, is used to cut mortise joints. The larger thickness of this type of chisel has made the tool stronger, effective, and durable. You can easily cut mortise joints by the tapered side of it. There are different sizes of mortise chisels- 3/16 inch, 1/4 inch, 1/2 inches, 7/8 inches, 5/8 inches, etc. The good news is that you do not have to buy a set of mortise chisels just like the bench chisels. We suggest you buy two chisels of 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch sizes.


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#6. Clamp

Clamps are very important tools for woodworking projects. It helps you to hold the wood joints until the newly used glue hardens. Thus it can save you time as you can do other work instead of holding the wood joints. You need clamps for the right angle or 90 degrees and a half of the right angle or 45-degree joints. It is better to check how many clamps you need before buying a set of clamps. At first, complete the project without glue or make a frame structure without joining the woods permanently. Then calculate the required clamp amount. Do the same for the other projects. And after buying a couple of clamps you will see that you can cover all the projects. So you can follow this trick before buying clamps. Bessey 36 inch clutch style bar clamp, DeWalt 6 inch trigger clamp, Husky 8 inch drop forged clamp, MLCS Can-do clamp, etc are some of our top picks. You can get these best quality clamps on Amazon, home depot, eBay marketplaces.


#7. The Jig

A jig is a useful tool for the wood workshop that helps the woodworkers to measure the single cuts and joints. Most of the woodworkers build their own jigs whereas others buy jigs from the top brands. You have to use the jig with the power tool. It is better to have a custom-made jig. It holds your wood piece and guides the saw to cut properly. It is also used to control the motion of other tools. Buy or build a good quality jig that enables easy clamping and unloading.


#8. The feather board

For better work, you need better and smooth cuts. A feather board helps you in this regard. It helps to apply pressure against the wood piece. Buy a feather board that has all kinds of cutting surfaces. Or you can build your own feather board. We are suggesting you build it. It will suit you then.


#9. Metal detector

Sometimes keeping metals out from the cutting surfaces becomes more important. If you do not remove them your tool may get damaged. How can you make sure that the surface does not contain any metal existence! You cannot use your hand, right? A metal scanner or detector can make your job easier. Just hold and move the detector towards the whole surface. If the scanner gets any existence of screws, nails, or any other metal it will beep. Then you can keep that out of the surface. It is a nice way to save your tools from breaking.


#10. The workbench

The workbench is a very well-known tool among woodworkers and carpenters. It is one of the most essential tools. It is also known as a work table. Sometimes sawing in a random place can affect your wood piece. Characteristically, you need a stable, smooth, and hard surface called sawing, cutting, or planning. A work table is also used to store hand tools. To complete your job successfully you should buy or build a workbench. There are different types of workbenches in the market. If your room has a larger space you can buy a double-sided workbench. Your partner and you both can work on a double-sided workbench at a time. The leg vise shoulder vise, face vise, and tail vise of a work table must be of good quality. As there is no fixed dimension of a workable you may build your own work table that prefers you most. You will also buy some good-quality workbenches on Amazon, eBay, or any other online tool stores.


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#11. Screwdrivers

The screwdriver is a very common name to all the people of the world. If we think about the basic tools screwdrivers come to mind fast. It is a fundamental hand tool for woodworking projects. To cover all the projects you need a couple of screwdrivers. The required screwdrivers must be of different types and sizes. According to our research, you may need a Phillips screwdriver and a Torx screwdriver. So we recommend having a set of screwdrivers, Cremax CM-TH010 magnetic screwdriver set would be the best. The screwdrivers of the set have some premium features like 16 precision screwdriver heads, tools are made of S2 tool steel, comfortable non-slip grips, strong magnetic tips, etc. You also need a long drive for better torque and the set also includes it. You may need a pry bar to support your screwdrivers. Do not strike the screwdrivers with heavy metals as it may cause damage to your screwdrivers and wood also. Sometimes the screwdrivers may break also. Store the screwdrivers after using them in a better place to find them quickly.


#12. Nail set

The nail is a type of small metal spike that has a broad-ended flat head. It is used to join wood pieces together. To drive nail heads into the wood you need several sized nails. So buying a nail set is a better decision. You can also use nails to fill the holes for painting. But you have to take care of the nails as the parts are small in size. On Amazon, eBay you will get a good quality nail set.


#13. Sliding bevel

A sliding bevel is also known as a T bevel or false square is used for measuring angles. It is a very common tool. A sliding bevel square is also used for checking the accuracy by measuring slope. The bevel gauge is not fixed as a try square, it is adjustable. The wing nut of the sliding bevel helps the blade for sliding freely. You can also fix the blade after reaching the required angle. The other part of the sliding bevel is the handle. In some cheap sliding bevels, the handle moves after locking the blade. You have to check it when buying. Using cheap sliding bevels affects the measured angles. It is better to buy the best quality sliding bevel as it is a matter of measurement.


#14. The layout square

A layout square also known as a combination square is a very common tool among woodworkers and carpenters. Woodworkers use a 6 inches layout square most. It is small in size. But you may need a 12 inches layout square. It is a triangle that is used to mark square cuts on stocks or trunks. At first, measure the length of the cut. Then place the layout square with the edge of the surface. Now you can make a straight square cut. You can also measure the angles using it. The layout square is made of plastic or metal. Try to buy the metal one, as the plastic layout square may break under a little pressure. Check the marked measuring unit on the body of it. A good quality layout square has deep and incised units. If the units are wiped for some reason the tool will become pretty useless. So buy the best quality layout square.


#15. Block plane

A block plane is a small hand tool. You need only one hand to operate it properly. It is used to flatten the wood surface. You can add a curve to the wood body by using a block plane. You can also remove the savings of the wood, champer or shape the stock, remove the glue lines and smooth the dovetail joint using this useful tool. There are different types of block planes- duplex block plane, stand and angle block plane 20 degrees, low angle block plane, rabbet block plane, etc. The traditional block plane is 3 inches to 7 inches long in size. Check the blade when buying a block plane. The blade must be sharp. So it is better to oil the blade after use. Buy a better quality block plane from the top brands of the USA- Stanley, WoodRiver, DeWalt, etc.


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#16. Caliper

A caliper is a type of hand tool that is used to measure the dimension (inner and outsider) of an object. It has a part that looks like the letter F on both sides. The larger F side is used to measure the outside dimension and the smaller F size is used to measure the inside dimension. There are two types of calipers- digital and analog. In analog calipers, you have to measure the ruled scale. And in a digital caliper, you will get the measurement from a digital display. At the end of the caliper, there is a depth gauge. It will help you to measure the depth of the holes. It is a very useful tool for woodworking projects. You can get the best quality analog and digital calipers on the  Amazon marketplace.


#17. Tool storage

If you have a lot of tools you need a tool storage mast. Tool storage helps you to organize your tools in a better way. You cannot place your digital tools on the workbenches as the tools may get broken. On the other hand, you need a tool urgently but you cannot remember where it is. This will waste your time and labor. You have to search the whole room to find it. But if you store the tools after using them in storage you can get the required tools within minutes. There is a lot of tool storage in online marketplaces. But we suggest you build your tool storage. You can build cabinets or shelves also. On the other hand, if you have a toolbox consisting of different hand tools you may build small tool storage. It will save you money and help you to spend that money on buying the best quality tools.


#18. Vacuum cleaner

Thinking that how a vacuum cleaner can help you in woodworking projects? Let’s imagine you are operating your hand saw and sawdusts are entering your eyes. This is not good, right? Now I think a vacuum is connected to the place. You are operating the saw and the vacuum cleaner is taking the sawdust inside its body. You can do your job properly now. On the other hand, doing woodwork makes the place dirty. So a vacuum cleaner can help you to keep the place neat and clean. You will get some best quality hand vacuum cleaners on Amazon or any other online tool stores.


#19. The bench grinder

A bench grinder works as a sharpening tool. You need to keep your tools (chisels, screwdrivers, knives) sharp always to make them effective. A bench grinder can help you in this regard. It does not take much space. You can keep the tool in a corner in the room. It is not so costly also. But it is a very useful tool. So buy a good-quality bench grinder for your projects.


#20. The sawhorse

The name sawhorse comes after the term horse, as it looks like a standing horse after setting it. It is one of the most basic tools for any woodworking workshop or construction site. It works as a beam having four legs. The legs support the board when you are sawing. The small size sawhorse is known as a pony. Buy or build your sawhorse. It has a folding advantage that saves space to store. You need a strong sawhorse for your project as it holds up a lot of mass. You can make a portable work table that will store your tools as a hand saw also. A sawhorse can be very useful for your workshop. So try to buy the best quality and strong sawhorse.


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#21. The power drill

A power drill tool can be a useful tool for your woodworking project. You can buy an electrical drill which is not so expensive as a cordless drill. It is a great type of power tool. It has an electrical motor that rotates with the help of electricity. As the drill bit is connected with the motor it also rotates. The rotation creates a hole in the wood. You can also use a screwdriver tip to turn the drill machine into an electrical screwdriver. It has different parts like a handle, a safety latch (to turn on and off), a torque adjustment, a chuck (holds the drill bit), and a reversing switch (change the rotation). To use the drill machine first loosen the chuck, place the exact tip, and tighten the chuck. Then set the torque adjuster. Then switch on the power source and place the drill machine in the exact position. Now pressing the safety latch and the trigger you can use the machine. After doing holes just release the trigger and unplug the machine. A power tool may make your work easier. So try to buy the best quality power drill from the top brands.


#22. Sabre saw

The sabre saw is a useful power tool in which the blade cuts the object by push and pull motion (reciprocating saw). It is a similar tool as a Jigsaw. The blade of it is toothed. A Sabre saw helps you to cut curves and create patterns in the stock. There are two types of sabre saws according to a power source. They are- electrical sabre saw and a battery-operated sabre saw. We suggest you buy an electrically operated sabre saw. It is a power that every woodworker and carpenter should have. When buying you have to check the saw if it fits you stop buying a smaller saw can affect gripping. And buying a larger saw can affect the controlling. So it is better to check the saw before buying it.


#23. The palm sander

The palm Sander is a vital tool for woodworkers. It is used to remove the finish or to smooth the surface. It is a small tool that can be operated using one hand. If you want to repaint old furniture or send a surface, you can use a Palm Sander. But do not use a palm sander to sand patterns in your finished work. There are so many good quality palm sanders in the market. We suggest the DeWalt Palm Sander (DWE64111). It uses  1/4 of a sheet of sanding paper. Please be careful when using a Palm Sander across the surface.


#24. An Orbital Sander

The orbital sander and palm sander are used for specific tasks. An orbital Sander is also a small power tool. Orbitals are used in heavy duties. You cannot use palm Sanders for larger pieces of wood. You need an orbital Sander in this regard. The orbital Sander function by spinning the sanding disc (orbits per minute). The spinning of the disc helps avoid sanding patterns. Buy a good-quality Orbital Sander.


#25. Radial arm saw

A radial arm saw is an expensive tool. If you have a good budget you can buy a radial arm saw for your projects. As it is a very heavy tool you need a permanent place for it. The main function of a radial arm saw is to make cross-cuts. It has the quite same function as the table saw and miter saw. That means you can also use a radial arm saw for rabbets, miters, bevels, moldings, etc. So if you own a radial arm saw you may not have to buy a table saw or miter saw individually. But we suggest buying other saws as this machine is hard to operate. You have to be very careful when working with it. Otherwise, you may have to sacrifice your project. You can get some good-quality radial arm saws at the Lumbermen marketplace.


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#26. Dust collector

You may have a severe dust allergy. So wood dust may be a threat for you. On the other hand, breathing wood dust can be risky for your health. So a dust collector can be a blessing for you sometimes. You may find a dust collector for different dust spewing tools like saws (miter, table, band), drill machines, etc. The dust collector is designed to collect dust from the air. So dust collectors have some special features that can be used to collect dust from hard-to-reach areas. We suggest buying a cyclone dust collector as it can capture 99.9% dust particles.


#27. Pocket hole jig

A pocket hole jig is a type of tool that is used to join two pieces of wood together along their length without showing any screws. Using traditional drill machines can give you misaligned holes that are unsatisfactory. But creating holes using a pocket hole jig can give you accurate and precise holes at inclined angles. It can be used in various woodworking projects. As only one board is used it gives an easy way to join wood pieces. You also may not need to wait for the glue to dry when you have a pocket hole jig. So buying a pocket hole jig can give you much advantage.


#28. Spokeshave

A Spokeshape is a very important tool for making curves. You can use a Spokeshape to shape the handles of chairs, legs of tables make some curved designs on furniture, etc. A spokeshave has a side handle and a very short sole that helps you to reach the area where a plane is hard to use. You also need a spokeshave for rapid short strokes. You can adjust the depth and thickness of savings with the help of detachable and replaceable blades. So why a good quality spokeshave for your projects.


#29. Cordless tool

We have discussed the power tools before. Some power tools do not need any power outlet or plug-in to operate them. The tools need rechargeable or not rechargeable batteries for the operation. It has beaten other traditional tools with its new features and excellence. There are different varieties of cordless tools like screwdrivers, nails, drill machines, wrenches, saws, etc. You can operate the tools using one hand only as they are lightweight. You can also carry the tool anywhere. You can get some excellent cordless tools in the market. We suggest you buy a set or combo of cordless tools.


#30. Edge bander

Edge banding is the process to create durable trim edges at the finishing. An edge bander may help in this process. With the help of an edge bander, you can cover the exposed sites (plywood, particleboard) of the objects. This increases durability and delivers a solid appearance. PVC, ABS, wood veneer, acrylic, etc can be used as edge banding. You can use these tools efficiently in woodworking projects. So an edge bander can bring you success in your projects.


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#31. Japanese hand saw

You may need a Japanese hand saw for your projects. The mechanism of cutting this tool depends on the pull strokes. It has a thinner blade. So it can cut the wood precisely leaving a narrow cut width. It is also easy to use. You can also make flush cuts using it. It does not leave any scratches on the stock because of its effective teeth. You can buy a couple of Japanese hand saws for your woodworking projects.


#32. Wood H2O app

Sometimes you need to calculate the equilibrium moisture content (EMC) of the wood. Otherwise, you will face moisture problems like adhesive failure, fuzzy grain, etc. Now the question stands how you can measure it. There is a free and relevant app developed by Wagner Meters. This app will help you to calculate the EMC. It is very easy to use. You will get all required information on the screen table of the app including temperature, relative humidity, specific gravity, etc. You will also get other moisture-related information from this app. So download the free app now.


#33. Low angle Jack plane

If you want to remove the machine marks from the stocks or boards you need a low-angle Jack plane. It is a type of bench plane. The low-angle Jack plane is also used for shooting applications. It is a very useful tool for shaping outside curves, removing the arrises, cutting angles, etc. So you may buy a good quality low-angle Jack plane for woodworking projects.


#34. Level

The level is a very important tool for woodworking projects. But the traditional level (6′) used for construction purposes and woodworking levels are not similar. You may need a 4 feet level for your woodworking projects. You can also use a torpedo level (very small of 8-inch size) for your project. A level contains two bubbles that indicate the horizontal and vertical levels. The vertical level is known as plumb. Put the level tool on the wood surface and then move the body up and down. When the bubbles will come exactly between the lines, stop moving your wood piece. Your wood surface is successfully leveled. Stanley, Kapro, Craftsman, Irwin, Swanson, etc manufacture the best quality level tools in the market.


#35. Utility scissors

You may need a utility scissor to cut different materials like rubber, packages, plastics, wires, aluminum, sheets, etc. It ensures safety cutting. It has a very comfortable and big grip to operate it smoothly. There are different sizes of scissors. Buy a couple of scissors for your woodworking projects.


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#36. Smart logger

The smart logger is used in large job sites. It has a sensor. If you want to get the update on the weather condition from time to time you need a Bluetooth-controlled smart logger. It is a useful device for long-term monitoring. It also helps to find out the problems caused by the effect of weather (warping, splitting, crowning, etc). It is not a very expensive tool. So you can buy one for your woodworking projects.


#37. A couple of panel saws

A panel saw is relatively smaller in size (about 20 inches long). You may need two types of panel saw s- rip hacksaw and cross hacksaw. You will use the rip hacksaw to cut along the length of the grain and will use the cross-cut hacksaw to cut across the grain. A rip saw of 4 to 7 PPI and a 7to  9 PPI cross-cut saw would be better for you to operate. You will find both the saws in online marketplaces.


#38. A couple of dividers

The tool, that looks like a pencil compass is named divider. It is used to measure distances (length and width). We can use a ruler or measuring tape instead of a divider. But a divider gives more accurate measurements. You can transfer the distance from one piece of wood to another using a divider. It is a very useful tool. So you should buy a couple of dividers of 6 inches and 9 inches.


#39. Rabbet plane

Like block planes, a rabbet plane or rebate plane is an essential tool for woodworking projects. It is a type of hand plane. The body of it is sometimes made of wood and sometimes of metals. Rabbet plane s are of two types- straight iron rabbet plane (cut with the grain) and skewed iron rabbet plane (cut across the grain). Rabbets are important to remove. So buy a couple of good quality rabbet planes.


#40. Marking knife

A marking knife is a type of knife that is used to mark on the wood or stock. When cutting the wood you need to mark a line through where you will cut. A marking knife is used to mark that line. Some woodworkers use a pencil to mark. But sometimes the pencil mark vanishes. So fast mark the line using a marking knife then make a line using a pencil. The two lines should overlap. This is the best way to Mark. Some use an old or broken knife to mark. But for great precision, you must use a sharp marking knife.


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#41. Sharpening tools

Imagine you have got the best quality tools for your woodworking projects. But after some months you have seen that the blades and edges of the tools are dull. And so you cannot do your job with a high rate of precision. What will you do then? Will you buy a set of tools again? It is very expensive, right? We are giving you the solution. Instead of changing the tools, buy sharpening tools. This will help you to sharpen your tools after using them. And so the tools will remain effective. So buy sharpening tools to successfully complete your tasks.


#42. The Rip fence

The rip fence works as a cutting guide for hand and table saws. You need a fine-tuning adjusting rip fence that will run parallel to the blade. You should look for the torque. A better quality rip fence can provide you a better guide. So look for the best quality rip fences in the market.


#43. Miter gauge

The miter gauge works as a precise miter cutting guide when you try to cut the material at a specific angle. It helps to create a corner or miter joint by cutting on the face of the material. It is also known as a T groove miter gauge as it looks like the letter T. You can make a 45-degree cut or 90-degree cut or any other angle cuts by simply adjusting the miter gauge. But be careful when using a miter gauge. Never push the material towards the blade as the gauge may move. This will not make a precise cut. You have to use the tool by following the safety rules.


#44. The jig and dado

You can convert your table saw into a multi-purpose tool if you use the jigs and dados with it. We have discussed the jigs at first. There are two types of dado blades- stacked dado set and wobble dado blade. The stacked dado set contains a couple of thin blades. There are wood chippers in between the blades. The thickness of the blades is not fixed. So you can get your required thickness by making a combination of the blades. The stacked dado blade is used to cut a larger piece of wood. The wobble-style dado blade is the cutting blade that is seated on a disc. The disc can be of various thicknesses. With the rotation of the disk, the blade angle changes. The advantage of this type of blade is you can cut a dado groove with a rounded bottom. But the wobble style dado blade creates some unwanted vibration to the table saws that can affect your work.


#45. The router

The router is a very useful tool that every woodworker should have. It is a multi-purposing tool. The tool is used for shaping stylish molding, cutting the dadoes, recessing door hinges, carving out clean rabbets, recreating patterns, etc. There are different types of wood routers. They are- fixed base router plunge routers combo routers. The most basic type of router is a fixed base router. A fixed base router is easy to set up and adjustable. The plunge router has a spring base. This type is the best for cutting details of the board. You have to follow some considerations when buying the router. Your router must have a minimum of 2 HP. The router should have the capability of operating speed. You may need a stationary base router that will cover all of your projects. All you need is to set the depth before starting the cut. DeWalt manufactures one of the best routers in the market.


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#46. Drill press

A power drill can drill most of the holes. Then why drill press? You will be surprised to know that the drill press is a valuable tool. If you need precision drilling you need a drill press. It also helps to make large diameter holes. You can see the depth of the hole. This ensures several precision holes of the same depth. You may buy a drill press of a free-standing model. This model is enriched with premium features and will drill the holes smoothly. You may have to change the speed as various species of wood need different speeds. It will be easy for you to make offset holes using the drill press. You can also use the drill press for sanding. Sau drill press is a very useful tool. Buy a good-quality drill press to deliver precision holes simultaneously.


#47. Surface planer

A surface planer is a valuable tool that is used to adjust the thickness of a board or a stock. This is how you can make the surface flat. It is not an essential tool but having a surface planer can make your job more easier and accurate than you think. The surface planer has a motor that rolls a cutting head at a very high speed. You have to adjust the surface planer at the proper depth. Then use the tool to make the surface of your board flat. You may have to follow safety rules when using this. It is a very noisiest tool. So it is better to use hearing protection. Additionally using safety glasses and hand gloves is also suggested to wear.


#48. Jointer

If you want to have perfectly square edges for stocks you may need a jointer. It is also used to produce a flat surface along the board length. A cutter head is used in the jointer instead of a saw blade. The jointer is positioned between two tables- infeed table (at lower height) and outfeed table (at the same height of the cutting edge). A fence is used to ensure perfect cuts.

The joint may cut the flat edge or the smooth surface of the stock that is required for better projects. As the machine cuts the board by rotating you must let the blades rotate at maximum speed first. After that, you should start cutting. The function of a jointer is not so easy. So you should know the user manual of this machine, training would be better. You should follow the recommendations of the specialists when buying this machine. We suggest you buy Porter Cable Benchtop jointer (PC160JT) as it has many positive reactions of the users.


#49. The manual

Whenever you buy tools you will get a user manual with them. You should follow the instructions during setup and operation. Some tools are very hard to operate. And if you do not know that your tools may get damaged. For example, if you do not know how to use the cutting tools the blades may get broken. This is how your tools will be useless. On the other hand, you will also get the safety instructions in the manuals. This will save your body from getting hurt. For example, you need to wear hearing protection if you want to use the noisiest tools. Otherwise, you will have hearing problems. So we can say that the manuals will not only save the tools but also your body. So try to follow the instructions when working.


#50. Safety equipment

Safety first! So you have to be concerned about safety when working. But before safety issues, you must have to use the tool by following the instructions. We have discussed it before. You should use vision and hearing protection. You will get safety glasses or safety lenses in online stores. You will find earplugs at the hardware stores or home depot or Walmart. You also need a pair of gloves to protect your hands.


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#51. Hand saw

The hand saw is a very important tool in woodworking workshops and carpentry. It is used to cut the woods in different shapes. The purpose of these cuttings is to join the pieces together. If you have a hand saw, you do not have to use the power saws. Besides you may need a coping saw, tenon saw, miter saw, dovetail saw, etc. You may also need a mini saw for areas where the chisels cannot reach. So buy several hand saws for your different projects.


#52. Circular saw

A circular saw is a very important tool, especially for carpeting. But it also has lots of functions in woodworking projects. Sometimes you cannot do some tasks using table saws. These tasks can be done easily by a circular saw. So you need a good quality circular saw also. A circular saw has a rotary motioned toothed blade or disc that is used to cut the wood. The advantage of a circular saw is the blade is designed for particular materials. You can do cross-cut or rip cuts by using a circular saw. As the cuts depend on the teeth per inch the circular saw is fine-toothed. So try to buy the best quality circular saw for your workshop.


#53. Table saw

A table saw is a woodworking tool that helps to make accurate cuts on wood. The setup of a table saw looks like a table. The table is made of cast iron. It is a type of circular saw that is seated under the table surface. It has different parts like a table, saw, blade, plate, blade cover, rip fence, miter gauge, stand, blade height management, bevel angle gauge, anti-kickback. The blades of the table saw are the same as a hand saw. They are rip blades, crosscut blades, and combination blades. But almost every woodworker uses the combination blades mostly having 24 TPI to 80 TPI. Cross-cutting means cutting against the grain. It is the most common type of cutting. A table saw creates precision crosscuts with a little effort. Miter cut is a type of angle cut (not 90 degrees). Table saws have miter gauges that can help to create miter cuts. The table saw also helps to create rabbet cuts, ripping cuts, cutting dadoes, and other fine woodworking. Buying a good quality table saw can be a vital decision for your woodworking projects.


#54. Compound miter saw

You need a compound miter saw for crown molding or other such projects. It is a type of backsaw. To cut the wood precisely, there is no alternative to a miter saw. You can make accurate cutting using it. You can maintain the slope at 45 degrees and cut the wood at a 60-degree angle on both sides. It also helps you to cut two angles with one cut. The quality of it depends on the sharpness of the blade. Stanley, DeWalt, manufactures the best quality compound miter saws. You can find the tool at Amazon eBay or any other online store.


#55. The Band saw

If you need to cut shapes and curves precisely there is no alternative to a band saw. It has a long and Sharp toothed blade. There is a wide variety of sizes and TPI of the blade. This ensures a wide variety of cutting capabilities. But it is better not to cut rabbets and tenons as this machine is so powerful. This band saw can be free-standing or table mounted. When using the band saw, you may have to consideration s – depth of the cut (distance between the cutting plate and the upper guide of the blade) and throat (distance between the saw blade and the back from the saw). The depth of cut indicates the thickness of your stock and the throat indicates the width of the stock. The cutting surface of this band saw is made of cast iron or steel alloy or aluminum alloy. There are some good quality band saws in the market. We suggest you buy a DeWalt 20V max Portable hand saw as it is one of the best quality band saws.


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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the essential tools for woodworking projects?


You need different category tools for your woodworking projects- power tools, hand tools, digital tools, etc. The hand tools include- screwdrivers, hammers, mallets, wrenches, chisels, utility knife, scissors, level, nail set, layout square, measurement tape, block plane, caliper clamps, jigs, dado blades, different types of saw blades, etc. The power tools include- vacuum cleaners, drill machines, grinder, circular saws, saber saws, palm sander, orbital sander, band saws, radial arm saw, etc. You do not need all the tools. The maximum amount of required tools is discussed above. Find the tools you need most, then buy them for the projects.


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  • How can I minimize my cost in buying tools?


This is a very good question. There are some people who buy all kinds of tools but do not notice the necessity of them in their projects. This is nothing but a wastage of money. You do not have to all the tools. Instead of buying all kinds of tools try to buy good quality tools. It will serve you about 2-3 years without any maintenance cost.


  • What should I buy- a table saw or a radial arm saw?


You may buy the saw that you use the most. Both the saw is used for ripping and cutting. Specifically, for ripping, a table saw is a better option and for crosscutting, a radial arm saw is a better option. So if you do ripping most, you should buy a table saw. And if you do crosscut most, you should go for a radial arm saw.


  • What is the best type of dado blade one should buy?


Most woodworkers use two types of dado blades- the dial or wobble type and the stacking or chipper type. The wobble-type blade is easy to set up and has infinite settings for the width that ranges from ¼ inches to 3/16 inches.


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