The Best Hand Tools for the Workshop in 2021

Hand tools are the most important essentials to build a workshop. Without those, your projects will be undone. Human beings are now fully dependent on tools. You need some best hand tools to succeed. Best quality hand tools may save time & money and can give you a chance to rest after working hard.

You must need some common tools. Those tools will be used every day. So you should consider the quality of those tools. In this article, we will discuss the essential tools and their quality. We have also picked some best quality tool sets for you that will be discussed in the last part of the content.



Essential Types of Hand Tools



A screwdriver is a type of hand tool which can be used manually or automatically by power. It is used to install a screw or to remove a screw. The screwdriver is used vastly in industries, workplaces, or homes. It is not a large tool but has a large function. a Normal screwdriver has four parts. They are- sandal, shank, blade, and tip. The handle Is the largest part of a screwdriver. Some screwdrivers have a comfortable grip to give you comfort during screwing. The main shaft of a screwdriver is known as Shank. It is connected to the handle. It is made of steel. The blades may be flat or conical or wedged. It gives stability to the tip. And the tip is the most important part of a screwdriver. The tip fits into the head of the screw and helps to install it or remove it. The improved screwdriver has a Magnetic tip to formally attach the head of the screws to the tip. There are different types of screwdrivers of different sizes. Some of the most used screwdrivers are slot head, Phillips head, Torx drive or star head, and Allen wrench.


Ratchet and Wrenches

Wrenches are widely used for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts. It is also used for turning, fastening Pipe, and pipe fittings. For plumbing uses we generally use a pipe wrench. Otherwise, wrenches are mainly used for nuts and bolts. There are different sizes of wrenches i.e square, hexagonal, etc. Wrenches are of two types- fixed and adjustable.

A ratchet is a mechanical hand tool. It controls the movement in a single direction. Along with the ratchet head, a wrench is easy to use. It speeds up the fastening. You can get a combination of wrenches and ratchets in an improved tool box. Using ratchets,  with wrenches can save you a lot of time. There are some safety tips for using wrenches. They are-

  • Try to use the correct wrench for the right purpose ie. pipe wrenches are used for plumbing.
  • Avoid using broken or damaged wrenches
  • Use the correct jaw
  • When using a wrench, be slow and steady.
  • Clear the wrench after use and keep it in a tool box.



Pliers and Cutters

Want to Grip and hold some objects? Or want to cut and bend wires? Pliers can help you in this regard. Different types of pliers are used for different works. For holding objects, use diagonal pliers or side cutters. In electrical applications, we use crimping pliers or crimpers. Artisans and jewelry designers use needle nose pliers for their work. Round Nose pliers are used for bending wire. There are more types of pliers except these. They are- slip joint pliers, lineman’s pliers, bent nose pliers, pincers, circlip locking pliers, hand crimp tools, etc. Each type of pliers has an individual function.

Cutters are used to cut wires and cables. They are called wire cutters. Wire crimpers are used to add a connector at the end of a cable. At present, pliers are used for cutting wires widely.


Some Safety Tips for Using Pliers and Cutters

  • When using pliers, try to cut the wire at right angles.
  • Check the sharpness of the pliers before using it
  • Only use the pliers if the condition of it is good
  • After using, clean it, try to oil the pliers, and keep it in a safe place.


Hammers and Mallets

Hammers and Mallets look a little bit the same. But the functions of these two tools are different. A hammer is a tool used for driving nails or pins. It can be used for breaking objects. Hammers can be used for crushing rocks also. It is a very common tool used in construction works. It has a head and a handle. The handle is made of wood and the head is made of iron or steel. The claw hammer has a claw. The claw can be used to pull out nails from wood or wall or any surface. A ball pin hammer has a ball instead of a claw which is used to round a riveted joint. Hammers can be of different types and sizes according to the functions like Lineman’s hammer is used to break solid objects.

A Mallet is also a type of hammer. But instead of having a steelhead, the head of Mallet is made of rubber or sometimes wood. The head of the mallet is relatively larger than that of a hammer. It is used for hitting objects without damaging them.


Some Safety Tips for Using Hammers and mallets


  • You have to take the hammer that is comfortable for you in size shape and weight
  • Before striking, check the head of the hammer. If it is not attached to the handle firmly do not use it.
  • Notice your hands when striking. It can cause massive damage to your fingers if you, unfortunately, hit your fingers during work.
  • Do not strike hard objects with a mallet. It can strike you back then.
  • Keep hammers away from children. Do not store it in a higher place from the ground.



Chisels are a type of blade having cutting edges. Chisels used for cutting or carving hard materials. It has two parts. One is the handle which is made of wood or metal. Another part and the main part is the cutting edge. You want to use a Chisel, put it into the material (wood or metal). Then force the Chisel manually or using a hammer. The Chisels are widely used in wood factories or metal factories. There are various types of Chisels i.e Firmer Chisels, mortise chisels, paring chisels, skew chisels, butt chisels, carving chisels, corner chisels, flooring chisels, etc. Each of the chisels has an individual function. Paring chisels are used to clean grooves, skew chisels are used for trimming, butt chisels are used for treating joints, and so on. Make sure, what chisels are needed for your respective project.


Some Safety Tips for Using Chisels

  • Use the right size and type of chisel for your project
  • Check the wood if it has staples or nails or pins before using the chisel.
  • Do not use a chisel of the broken or crushed handle.
  • Check the cutting edge before using. Do not use a chisel of a dull edge. It can affect your precision rate.
  • Use eye protection when using it.



Hacksaws are widely used for cutting metals for plastics or PVC pipes. So it is a very common tool among plumbers. On the other hand, some hacksaws are also used to cut wood. So it is also used in wood workspaces. Hacksaws have four parts-  frame, handle, wing nut, and saw blade. The frame is also of two types- solid hacksaw frame ( standard length of the blade can be used) and adjustable hacksaw frame ( different standard length of blades can be used). The hacksaw blades can be of different lengths. The Blade has to be installed in the hacksaw frame. After placing the blade you have to tighten it by using a wing nut.


Some Safety Tips for Using Hacksaws

  • You should use a hacksaw of proper size and shape
  • Do not apply much pressure. Otherwise, The Blade may break.
  • Slowly cat the harder materials.
  • After using, clean the blade and oil it.



Vises are used to hold the metal at the time of firing or cutting. It can be made of cast iron or Steel. There are different types of vise according to the sectors of work. The most common type of vise is woodworking vise. There are also other types of vise of different functions like pipe vises are used for plumbing works, chain vises are used to secure the pipes, metalworking vises are used for holding a piece of metal, etc.

Clamps are portable tools. It provides temporary holding facilities in the workplace. Clamps are used in the wood workspace, furniture making, construction sites, etc. it is made of metal or wood.


Some Safety Tips for Using Vises

  • Make sure your vise is well fitted on the table
  • Do not widen the jaw more than the design limit
  • Check the vise before use if it is broken or not.
  • Select the proper clamp style and size.
  • Use pads with a clamp
  • Apply pressure at the right angles to the glue


Considerations When Buying The Best Tools

You will buy hand tools with your hard-earned money. Money is the most valuable asset of your life. So you may not want to waste your money by buying bad tools. That’s why you will search for the best hand tools in the market. But you don’t know which is the best. Or how to understand the quality of the thing. Then there is a fear of wasting your money. So if you want to buy a hand tool, you must know about the quality of that thing. Otherwise, you will be deceived.


Now we will discuss the considerations you should know when buying the best tools.



Selecting the right tool for the right purpose is the primary consideration before buying hand tools. You can not use the screwdriver to pull out nails or you can not use the cutter to crush solid objects. You need a hammer for this to work. On the other hand, you need the wrench to tighten up the screws or nuts. You can not use hammers to do that. Each hand tool has a different type of function. So buy the hand tool that is suitable for your project.


New or Used Tool

If you are willing to make a startup then you can buy a used tool. It will be less costly than the new one. But the durability, accuracy or efficiency and the quality of it is less than the new one. So if you have a good budget, try to buy new tools. It will provide you the best performance.


Compare The Price

Sometimes the same tools have different price tags. It varies because of brands. But there is also a reason for quality. So if you see the same tools of different prizes, try to find out the reason behind the increased price. If you find out noticeable advantages from the relatively costly one, then do not hesitate to buy that. Quality should be your first consideration. On the other hand, if you find out that the cheapest one can do your job successfully, buy it. It will save money.


Customer Preference Tool

You have to consider buying a hand tool familiar to your staff. If you buy a new tool and give that to the staff to operate they will find it difficult to complete your work in due time. During cutting or firing the metals may get damaged. So try to buy a new hand tool which is familiar to those who will use it.


The Efficiency of A Tool

Try to buy high efficient tools. The more efficient tools your company will have, the fewer testing devices you will need. It will also save you money and time. An efficient tool may be a little bit costly. But it will serve you more benefits than a less efficient cheap tool.


License Cost

Now you are willing to buy a very much efficient tool at a high price. But it does not fit within your company’s budget. What will happen? On the other hand, you have bought a tool very hard to install, use and utilize. It will not do any good for the company. So you have to consider the comfortable budget of your company. And after fixing the budget, you will have to search for the easiest and the best respective hand tool within this budget.


Required Space

Suppose,  you have bought a tool but cannot use it for lack of space. It will be valueless then. Please ensure the free space before buying a tool. If a tool needs five feet to operate, you must have a free space of more than five feet. The extra space is for operation and maintenance.


Size and Types

Each hand tool has different sizes for different purposes. The sizes of the tools generally depend on the metals. For example, a screwdriver has various types of heads according to the screws, wrenches have different types of sizes, etc. You cannot use needle nose pliers in electrical operations. You need clippers in this sector. Another cause of different sizes of tools is the capability of the user. For example, if you cannot lift a heavyweight, you should not use a large and heavy hammer. You have to use the smaller one. Different sizes and types of tools are of different purposes. So we suggest you buy an improved tool box having various sizes of tools. It will help you to complete different projects.


Materials used

Carbon Steel-

It includes high, medium, or low carbon. High carbon steel is used to make the metal tougher. High carbon stainless steel is used to resist stain. High carbon content on tools increases the hardness and flexural rigidity.


Chromium Vanadium Steel-

It is an alloy of steel with chromium and vanadium. It increases the strength and toughness of Carbon Steel.


Chrome-molybdenum Steel:

Chromium, molybdenum, carbon, and iron are used to make this alloy Steel. The performance of Chrome-molybdenum Steel is better than chromium-vanadium Steel. It also increases strength, resistance, and toughness.


S2 Alloy Steel:

S2 is an alloy of carbon, molybdenum, vanadium, silicon, manganese, and chromium which can increase strength resistance, flexural rigidity, and toughness.



You should have the consideration about the weight before buying hand tools. Heavy tools are hard to operate. You cannot do any job efficiently by using heavy tools. Consider your weight lifting capability first, then choose the respective hand tool.


Tool storage

You have got lots of tools for all of your projects. You have no place to store them. Then what will happen? You will use the parts of the tools. It will damage your working efficiency. Sometimes losing very important parts can affect your project badly. So you need storage to organize your tools. After using the tools, keep them in storage. It will help you to locate the respective tools anytime within seconds



Our Recommendation 


1. The Best Overall:

DEKOPRO 168 Piece Socket Wrench Auto Repair Tool

168 pieces of hand tools organized in a good quality plastic case!  If you have this case in your collection, you do not need to think about something else. DEKOPRO 168 Piece Socket Wrench Auto Repair Tool is one of the best hand tool boxes we suggest. It is not only enriched with quantity but also quality. The high-quality Steel used in these tools will increase the hardness, toughness, and durability of your tools. The tools are protected from corrosion. The brand has manufactured the toolbox maintaining ANSI standards. You will be surprised to know that this box is portable also. So you can use it at home, workshop, garage, office and when your car needs repairing at the roads also. The box includes- a screwdriver set,  hammers, pliers, spirit level, utility knife, adjustable wrenches, a  measurement tape, and hex keys. And the sets include different sizes and types of tools. This can widen your working experience. Overall this is the best tool we have got for your workshop.


Check The Latest Price


2. Best Ratchet Set

TEKTON 6-Point Socket and  Ratchet Set

This tool box is a complete set of different socket sizes. From 5/32 inch to 9/16 inch,  the set includes all the possible sizes of sockets with a 1/16 inch increment in size. You will get both deep sockets and standard sockets. These tools are Chrome plated and polished. And so, they can resist corrosion. The size notation is large and stamped on the body of the material so that you can see the size in low lights also. The tools are organized in a strong box. And so the sockets always remain organized.


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1. Best For Your Home


CARTMAN Orange 39-Piece Tool Set

You need some tools for your household work. You are searching for a tool box instead of buying individual tools. Then CARTMAN Orange 39-Piece Tool Set can help you to fulfill your wants. Actually, this tool box is manufactured for some repairs to your house. The beautiful Orange hand grips will attract you most. The tools are heat treated and they can resist corrosion. The tools of this box meet ANSI standards. The tools are organized in a molded case.

The toolbox includes-  one piece 8 oz claw hammer, one-piece bit drive, one-piece 10 feet measurement tape, one-piece 6-inch slip joint pliers, one-piece 2 inch bit connector, one-piece 8-inch scissor,  one-piece utility snap-off knife, 4 pieces Precision screwdrivers, 8 pieces SAE  hex keys and  20 pieces one-inch screwdriver bits.


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1. Best Pliers Set

IRWIN GrooveLock Pliers Set

Do you want some good quality pliers for your work? Then you can check IRWIN GrooveLock Pliers Set. You will get six types of very commonly used pliers i.e. 8-inch groove lock pliers, 10-inch G.L. pliers, 12-inch G.L. pliers, 8-inch long nose pliers, 8-inch lineman’s pliers, and 6-inch slip-joint pliers. I will also get a 10-inch adjustable wrench and a 6-inch diagonal cutter in the set. A good grip can give you comfort during work. In this set, the pliers have non-slip and anti-pinch Pro touch grips. Irwin company provides a lifetime guarantee on this toolset. The tools are organized in a cute, short kitbag that is portable.


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1. Best Screwdriver Set

CREMAX Non-Slip Repair Tool Kit CM-TH010

Need different types of screwdrivers for your workshop? Never run to buy individual screwdrivers when you have the knowledge about the  CREMAX Non-Slip Repair Tool Kit CM-TH010. It has 16 precision screwdrivers and a screw holder. The box contains 40 replaceable screwdriver bits which are balanced with six different screws- hexagon, square, slotted, Pozi drive, Phillips, and Torx. The screwdrivers have some premium features. For example, S2  Steel is used for better durability, comfortable non-slip grip, etc. The screwdrivers have strong magnetic tips that can increase your stability when screwing. It is a portable box improved molded case.


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1. Best Hacksaw Set

METAKOO Hacksaw Frame Set

Hacksaws are used to cut pipes, PVC, stells, etc. But if the blades are not of good quality, then the materials can get damaged during cutting. This causes a lower success rate. So you need a good quality hacksaw to complete your project efficiently. METAKOO Hacksaw Frame Set is one of the best Hacksaw sets within your budget. The ATSM Gr.D frame can provide you better strength,  flexural rigidity. The aluminum alloy handles are anti-slippery which is a good site for Hacksaws. The precision blades used in these hacksaws are 10 TPI (teeth per inch), one 18 TPI 65 Mn, and one 24 TPI Bi-metal. The best side of these hacksaws is they have dual attack angles (45 degrees and 90 degrees).

The Set includes- three 12 inch blades, two frames (standard and mini), and three different blades for metal, wood, and PVC. You can use the mini Hacksaw to cut the materials in gaps.



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1. Best Chisel Set

GREBSTK Professional Wood Chisel Tool Set

Want to carry chisels with you? How about a spawn bag full of different sizes of chisels? It’s good, right? Talking about the GREBSTK Professional Wood Chisel Tool Set. The small zipped bag consists of a 1/4 inch chisel, a 1/2 inch chisel, a 3/4 inch chisel, and a 1-inch chisel. High-quality Chrome vanadium steel is used in these tools. The tips are protected with a black plastic edge guard. So the tools and the bag remain safe from scratch and tear. The chisel handles are made of bench wood. This gives you a very strong grip advantage. Overall these are the best chisels in the market now.


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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are some must needed tools?

Answer: The tools that are required for the repair of houses or vehicles or garages are called necessary tools. If you have the tools, you can save time and you need not be dependent on mechanics. Some necessary tools are- screwdrivers, hammers, pliers and cutters, ratchets and wrenches, scissors, etc.


2. Which material is the best for hand tools?

Answer: Eid depends on the function of the tool. But high Carbon Steel and S2 alloy are the best for hand tools. High carbon steel increases strength, hardness, and toughness. On the other hand, S2 is an alloy of carbon, molybdenum, vanadium, silicon, manganese, and chromium which can increase strength resistance, flexural rigidity, and toughness.


3. How tools are damaged?

Answer: Tools can get damaged by various reasons like environmental factors, misuse, etc. Moisture can damage your tools. We know that the moisture along with the oxygen can create Rust. This is very bad for the durability of the tools. On the other hand, if you misuse a tool it can be broken. Sometimes if you do not use a tool for your years, the tool starts to damage slowly.


4. How to take care of the hand tools?

Answer: The best way to take care of the hand tools is to maintain tool storage. You can easily organize your tools there. It can be of different dimensions. If you have a lot of tools you need large tool storage. Tool storage can also help you to find tools very fast. Try to oil your tools after use. It can help the tools resist corrosion and maintain the sharpness of the blades. Sometimes, environmental factors can cause damage. So keep your tools in a dry and clean place.

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