5 Best Hand Tools (2022)

Best Hand Tools

Having hand tools is a kind of blessing. Tools are now one of the most important assets for home improvement. If you are a mechanic you should be dependent on your tools. If you want to cope with time you must have the best quality tools. It will help you to complete the job with high percentage accuracy. This builds your career in a tremendous way. If you are not a mechanic you need to box for your personal use. Having a Toolbox can save your money and time. You can complete the smaller jobs easily. You do not have to be dependent on a mechanic. The tools are easy to use. But you should have primary knowledge about the tools like how to use the tool, where to use the tool, safety issues when using the tool, etc.


In this article, we will learn the basic knowledge about hand tools. To make the article reader-friendly, we will divide the article into 8 parts. They are-

  1. Some benefits of hand tools
  2. Type of Hand Tools
  3. Top brands for hand tools
  4. Price Range of hand tools
  5. Key features to buy a hand tool box
  6. Other considerations before buying a hand tool box
  7. Recommendations of the best hand tool boxes according to the reviews
  8. 10 basic safety rules for using hand tools


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Hope you will understand the basic knowledge about hand tools after reading this article.


Some Benefits Of Hand Tools


  1. Time: Time is a sign of success rate. You own a tool that delays your work. If you are a mechanic then it is going to be the largest problem. Using the right tools for your work can be more efficient than you think. As it is your profession you have the pressure to earn more. So you have to rely on the corresponding hand tools. It will save you valuable time and will help you to complete your tasks properly.
  2. More Control: Hand tools give you more control of your work. They are easier to operate. With the help of an automatic hand tool, you can do almost all kinds of works. In a congested place, hand tools can easily reach and help you to complete your job.
  3. More Precise: As hand tools can be easily operated they are better for the job that requires high Precision like intricating details in woods or metals or other materials. So you can get full control and a high degree of precision while using hand tools.
  4. Always Working Capability: Hand tools do not need any power source to operate. So you can use this anywhere and anytime you want. They also last longer as no power source or battery or motor is connected to them.
  5. Safer to use: Hand tools are safer to use. The risk of injury is less in hand tools. As it is not connected to power sources there is no chance of electrical injuries. Anyone can operate hand tools safely. This also helps you to save money on the electricity bill.
  6. Easier to Transport: We can imagine the size and shape of hearing the name hand tool. Hand tools tend to be smaller in size. They have fewer moving parts. They are portable. So they are easier to transport. You can keep a hand tool in your backpack, handbag, or even in your pocket. They are travel-friendly, less expensive, and manually controlled (no power source required) tools.
  7. Not as loud as power tools: Some tools sound so loud that we have to leave the place. But hand tools are not disturbing. You can complete your tasks silently. So there is no chance of having a hearing loss problem.
  8. Light Weight: Hand tools are not heavy. You can operate hand tools using one hand only. The average weight of a hand tool is less than 3 pounds or 1.3 kg. This lightweight benefit has made the hand tools simple and safe to use and easily transportable.
  9. Buying hand tools is an investment: You may have a lot of works inside your home or office or garage. If you won a basic hand tool set, then you do not need to depend on the mechanics. You do not need to wait for the mechanic to come. After buying, if you do not use them or hardly use them, the hand tools will not damage. So it is a great investment to buy hand tools.


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Types of hand tools


  1. Ratchet Sets: The most used tools are in a ratchet set. It has main two parts- ratchet and sockets. Ratchet is a type of handle. It has a lock at one end where a socket is attached. It has a release button to intercept the socket. According to the works, there are many sockets like pass-through sockets, driver sockets, spark plug sockets, impact sockets, etc. The ratchet set has also adaptors, extension bar, wrench, and breaker bar for multiple functions. A ratchet set is usually used for nuts and bolts on vehicles or furniture or any other household assets. A good ratchet box has also a Philips head, hex keys, and Allen keys that will help you in multiple projects.
  2. Screwdrivers: A screwdriver is a type of tool with a flat or cross-shaped point that fits into the head section of a screw. It is hand-operated. A screwdriver can be used in many operations. It is used to tight the screw or loose the screw. It is one of the most common tools. There are various types of screwdrivers like phillips, flat, hex, star, etc. Different sets have different types of screwdrivers like- magnetic types (head of a screwdriver is magnetic), universal screwdriver, ergonomic handles, etc.
  3. Pliers and Wire Cutters: You may have an Electric Supply problem in your car. It is the most common problem nowadays. Or you may have to change the wire or add extra wire. So you have to cut the wire according to your desired length. A wire cutter can help you with this task. It can make your job much easier than you think. Sometimes pliers are also used as wire cutters. There are various shapes and sizes of pliers which are used according to their functions. It is also used to grip some round objects like pipes or rods. The main function of pliers is to Grab or pull something that is hard to do with bare hands.
  4. Hammer Set: When you want to strike something with huge force, you need a hammer to do that. We can easily break something with a hammer. It is a very useful tool for home and office works. Some hammers (claw hammers) are used as a claw to pull out nails.
  5. Measurement Tape: You need to buy furniture for your room. Or you need to build furniture for your room. Or you need to measure the length of your clothes to buy new. All you need is a measurement tape to do all these tasks. It is one of the most used hand tools in the world now. It is used to measure the height, width, length, and depth of an object. The ideal length of a tape should not be less than 25 feet. That means you can measure 25 feet minimum just by holding a measurement tape in your hand.
  6. Utility Knife: It is a common tool that is used for thousands of household tasks. You can use the knife to cut papers take out the dried glue of any object unpacking boxes. The difference between a knife and a utility knife is you can keep the blade inside the body of a utility knife. It is portable lightweight and easy to use.
  7. Scissors: Is there any home where there are no scissors? I do not think so. Is the most common multipurpose tool. It also works as a utility knife sometimes. You can use scissors in art projects kitchen dye projects fabric projects. There are some high-quality modern Scissors that are used to cut precisely. The blade of the scissor should be sharp enough to cut the edges of something. The scissor should have a good grip handle so that you can do your task comfortably.


Top brands for hand tools


  1. Craftsman: Craftsman is one of the most recognized hand tools brands in the USA. It is now dominating in the market places. It is delivering excellent quality products. The rich hand tool set of Craftsman is very much popular for its versatility. The hand tool set includes wrenches, screwdrivers, ratchet sets, and almost every tool you need.
  2. Stanley: Stanley is one of the oldest hand tool brands in the USA. It makes almost all types of hand tools like wrecking bars, cutting tools, hammers, screwdrivers, etc. It is the first brand that has introduced tool boxes to us. They are now creating more digital equipment. They are one of the most popular brands in the USA now. The reason behind their popularity is the accuracy of tools and the reliability of the brand.
  3. Dewalt: Dewalt is popular for its ratchet sets. The brand also creates hand tools. The hand tool set of Dewalt is affordable for all. The wrenches, hex Keys, and mechanics tool set of Dewalt is the best-reviewed products. Raymon E. Dewalt invented the first-ever radial arm saw. Then after the 1990s, the brand started to create hand and power tools. Now they are making one of the best products.  
  4. Klein: Klein has a long history. The company was founded in 1857. It has about 164 years of experience in creating different types of hand and power tools. As it is an old band, it has a different value among the professional mechanics. The company also makes other important tools. So just scrolling one brand’s website, you can get all the available tools you need. It is great news for you that, they are delivering their products outside the USA.
  5. Kobalt: In 1998, Lowe launched the brand ‘Kobalt’ to compete with ‘Craftsman’ and ‘Husky’. It is an American brand. It has focused on the hardware, hand tools, and home or office improvement fields.
  6. Snap-on: Snap-on creates the best professional hand tools. The brand is famous among automobile and industrial professionals. The tolls are unique. Instead of selling products in retail shops, their dealers sell their products directly to their clients using vehicles. Their wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers are on the top. They are famous among their customers because of their loyalty.


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Price Range of Hand Tools


  1. Under 25$: Under 25 dollars you can not get a large set box. But you can get good quality a single hand tool like a screwdriver set or wrenches or a ratchet set or scissors or a utility knife etc.
  2. Between 25$ and 50$: In this price range, some manufactures are selling popular hand tools like hammer sets, screwdriver sets, ratchet sets, etc. You can also build your manual set box using the tools you use most at this price range. This is mainly the starting price range of hand tool sets.
  3. Between 50$ and 75$: As the price is increasing the more tools you can get in your tool box. In this price range, you can get a high-quality hand tool box with around a hundred pieces of tools. The brands are also reliable. The tolls will be long-lasting.
  4. Over 100$: You will be surprised to hear that there is hand tool set boxes over $100 also. The tool box is giant and enriched with more than a hundred pieces of tools. The box provides a lifetime warranty is also. If you have the ability and you have a fancy mind you can focus on these masterpiece hand tool set boxes.


Key features to buy a hand tool box


  1. Lifetime Warranty: The best hand tool manufacturing companies specially mentioned above offer a lifetime warranty on their products. That’s how they gain trust from their customers. So you will not have to worry about your product’s condition after using. Tools may break sometimes. Imagine, your tool breaks after 1 month of your buying. How bad you will feel then. So lifetime warranty can feel you better by serving you the best way the company can.
  2. Brand Name: Nowadays the brand name is a kind of tag to buy something. But remember one thing brand name is not good always. Yes, they make good products. But not every product of that brand may be good. There is a competitive situation in Marketplace now. And the popular brands are on the top for their masterclass marketing ability. So after getting on the top they provide many good products to protect their entire customer base. That’s why brand name is also important when buying hand tools set.
  3. Understanding: If you are not a mechanic or you only use one piece or two pieces of tools then a tool box is not for you. You can save money by spending less to buy only the tools you need for your Jobs or projects.


Other considerations before buying a hand tool box


  1. Automatic or manual tools: The world is developing day by day. Everything is getting easier to use including hand tools. Now of the two mentioned above need a power source to use. It is not compulsory but using the tools with the help of electricity can make your job more easy and accurate. So if you want to use both hand tools and automatic tools then buy other attachments that ensure safety. Save your money and time by doing this.
  2. Quality of the tools: Always try to buy high-quality hand tools. A good quality hand tool box can save you from sufferings. Save some money and then buy the best one. A high-Quality hand tool set can keep your tools safe and organized. It can save you from the hassle of finding your required tool.
  3. Varieties of tools: Do you need different types of tools to do your project or task? Then try to find the tool set that covers your requirements best. Keep a tool box on your car also so that you can fix your car anywhere and anytime.


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Recommendations of the best hand tool boxes according to the reviews


1. DeWALT Mechanics Tool Box (DWMT73801)

About the brand and tool box

DeWALT is one of the best hand tool brands having a reputable name. It has a long historical background also. DeWALT offers the best hand tool sets at an affordable price. The hand tool sets include the best quality and improve tools.


The tools inside the case

The mechanical tool kit includes both hand tools and power tools. It has 108 pieces of tools where you can find the right tool for you. The soccer sets have 72 tooth ratchet which gives a 5-degree arc swing at high torque ratcheting. The ratchet also feeds in a congested place. Rules of the set improve. The knurled ring is used for good control at the time handling sockets. The sockets are also of good quality. The wrenches are comfortable to use. The mechanical tools have polished Chrome vanadium finish.


Problems in the tool box

But it is not perfect. It has some issues also. The wrenches are smaller in size. They would have made a few larger wrenches also. The Allen wrenches are not strongly attached in the case. So they may get fall whenever you open it. The tool box also lacks varieties.

But ignoring these small mistakes you can confidently rely on this tool box. Overall the entire kit is great and affordable.


Check The Latest Price of the DeWALT Mechanics Tool Box (DWMT73801)



2. Cartman Blue 39-Piece Cutting Plier Tool Set

About the brand and tool box

Cartman company tries to offer people good quality hand tools and power tools at affordable prices. If you are not a mechanic or if you do not use so many tools for your work or project then maybe the starter kit for you. It contains the tools that are needed for general purpose projects repairs and maintenance at home or office or garage. It is heat-treated. It has chrome-plated tools to resist corrosion. The size of the case is not so large. So you can carry it with you during travel. The tools are also packed well in this case. There are four different colors of the case and tools. They are- Blue, Orange, Pink, and Red. So you can buy according to your choice of color.


The tools inside the case

The set includes a 10 feet measurement tape, a one-piece bit driver, a 2-inch bit connector, an 8 oz (ounce) claw hammer, a one-piece 6-inch combination plier, an 8-inch scissor, a utility snap-off knife. The set also includes- 4 pieces Precision screwdrivers, 8 pieces SAE Hex keys, and 20 pieces one-inch screwdriver bits. The Hex keys are of 1/16 inch, 5/64 inch, 3/32 inch, 1/8 inch, 5/32 inch, 3/16 inch, 7/32 inch, and 1/4 inch sizes. The tools meet the ANSI certified standard.


Problems in the tool box

Nothing is perfect in the world. This tool kit may be good at this price but not perfect. The screwdriver grip is not comfortable to hold. The scissor has a dull blade and the utility knife is sharper. The measurement tape is not easy to in and out.

But overall it is one of the best tool boxes in this price range.


Check The Latest Price of the Cartman Blue 39-Piece Cutting Plier Tool Set


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3. Stanley Mixed Tool Set (STMT73795)

About the brand and tool box

As we have discussed before, Stanley makes the best hand tool sets. The brand name Stanley is familiar to everyone as it has introduced the first-ever tool box to us. Stanley provides customers with a lifetime replacement warranty which differs Stanley from other brands.


The tools inside the case

This mixed tool set has a wide variety of tools. It has 210 pieces of tools which is massive in number. You will find any kind of tool that fits your project this tool box includes- a utility knife, a 16 feet measurement tape, a 6-inch adjustable wrench, an 8 feet groove joint pliers, an 8-inch long nose plier, a spinner handle, a spinner handle bit adaptor, a 3-inch extension bar, a 5/8 inch spark plug socket.

It also includes- 4 pieces cushion grip screwdrivers, 8 pieces combination wrenches, 4 pieces ratchets, 8 pieces hex key wrenches and 55 pieces drive bits. The included sockets are- 1/4 inch drive 6 pt sockets (23 pieces), 1/4 inch drive 6pt deep sockets (21 pieces), 3/8 inch drive 6pt deep sockets (8 pieces), and 1/2 inch drive 6 pt sockets (10 pieces). Now you have the idea of how this tool box is enriched with tools.


Problems in the tool box

As it has plenty of tools the price is also high for this tool box. Sometimes they miss a small piece of tools which is very embarrassing. This is a heavy tool box. So it is hard to keep it with you during travel.


But overall it is a much-improved tool box.


Check The Latest Price of the Stanley Mixed Tool Set (STMT73795)



4. Stanley STMT71653 Drive Socket Set

About the brand and tool box

Thinking about a small mechanic tool kit? Then you should go for Stanley STMT71653 Drive Socket Set. You will find the most common and important tools in the set. It contains 145 pieces of tools that are required for your home and garage maintenance. The tools are polished using Black Chrome and Nickel.


The tools inside the case

The set includes- a one-piece 3/8 inch drive pear head ratchet, a one-piece 3/8 inch drive extension bar, a 1/4 inch drive pear head ratchet, a 1/4 inch drive extension bar, a one-piece 1/4 inch bit holder, a 1/4 inch spinner handle, a 3/8 inch drive 6 PT spark plug socket. It also includes- 8 pieces 3/8 inch drive deep sockets, 20 pieces 3/8 inch drive sockets, 22 pieces 1/4 inch drive deep sockets, 24 pieces 1/4 inch drive sockets, 8 pieces combination wrenches, 16 pieces Hex keys, 10 pieces nut bits, and 30 pieces 1/4 inch drive specialty bits.


Problems in the tool box

The site provides small ratchets. That’s why the ratchets break even doing small works. Sometimes the set also misses small parts. This is quite embarrassing.


But overall it is an excellent kit. If you occasionally use hand tools for repairing or maintenance, then it is a good product for you. You can also carry the kit in the trunk of your car.


Check The Latest Price of Stanley STMT71653 Drive Socket Set


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5. Craftsman 450-Piece Mechanic Tool Set

About the brand and tool box

This tool kit is best for the mechanics. It is one of the largest toolkits. The tool kit not only maintains the quantity but also the quality. It includes the most expensive tools. If you want to cover all kinds of projects, then you should go for Craftsman 450-Piece Mechanic Tool Set. The weight of the toolbox is about 1 pound.


The tools inside the case

The set includes 3 ratchets in 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, and 1/2 inch drives, 6 extension bars, 91 sockets of 6 point 8 points and 12 points, 40 hex keys, 187 bits, 16 combinations of wrenches. The handles are magnetic for easy installations.


Problems in the tool box

As  it is one of the largest tool boxes, the price is also high. You cannot keep the box with you during traveling. And so you cannot tackle the situations instantly.

But it is a masterpiece for the mechanics. You do not need to buy a single tool if you have this box in your hand.


Check The Latest Price of Craftsman 450-Piece Mechanic Tool Set



Tips For Buying A Hand Tool


  1. There is a proverb-” Safety First”. According to this, you have to ensure your safety first. then Work with the tools. Hand tools are safer than Power Tools. But the hammer, knife, scissors, etc can cause damage to your hands sometimes.
  2. Make sure what tools you need most. If you need only screwdrivers, scissors, knives, tapes and basic wrenches then focus on the box that contains only these. It will save a good amount of money.
  3. The cost of a product is the main consideration before buying it. The low-cost hand tools may break after some days. So try to buy a good hand tool box by increasing the price range slightly.
  4. Before buying a tool box take basic knowledge of the facts, usage, price durability, and product description. You can rely on the reviews of the users then focus on a top review tool box. It is the trick to get the best product.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the hand tools


  1. What are the basic hand tools?


Answer: There are different hand tools in the world. Among them, the basic hand tools are- hammer, wrench, screwdriver, hex keys, pliers, flashlight, measurement tape, wire cutters, ratchet sets, etc. These hand tools have varieties. They are classified according to their functions.


  1. What is a hand tool box?


Answer: A tool box or tool kit or tool set is a box that is enriched with tools. A hand tool box is organized with basic hand tools like a hammer, wrench, screwdriver, hex keys, ratchet sets, etc. The different hand tool box has different types of hand tools.


  1. Should I buy an entire tool box or a single tool?


Answer: The answer depends on your works. If you do not need different tools for your project then you can buy only the tools you need. It is not necessary to buy the entire tool set always. And if some tools of your tool box get useless and replace the tools with the new ones without buying the entire set again.


  1. How to set up a hand tool box?


Answer: There is no exact way to set up a hand tool box. It depends on your personal preference. Set up a box with the tools you use most. But if you want to set up a tool box with basic tools then we consider hammer, wrench, screwdriver hex keys measurement tape, and corresponding ratchet.


  1. What is the main difference between hand tools and power tools?


Answer: There is a slight difference between hand tools and power tools. You have to use hand tools manually using your hands. That’s why it is called hand tools. And the power tools require power sources to operate. The power source can be a battery or electricity or air compressor. As Power Tools are automatic they are easy to use. The accuracy of power tools is also greater than that of hand tools. But if we talk about safety, hand tools are safer than power tools.


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10 basic safety rules for using hand tools


  1. Observe your tools before using them to make sure that they are in good condition.
  2. Always wear gloves to protect your hands
  3. Do not keep your tools in pockets especially knives and scissors
  4. Always aware of the people around you especially children when you are working with the tools.
  5. Carefully transport your tools. Use a bag to take tools up to a higher place when using Ladders
  6. Try to use the right tools for the right purposes.
  7. After using the tools try to clean those. Then keep them in the tool box or in a safer place
  8. You can use goggles to protect your eyes when using hand tools
  9. Try to use the tools in dry hands. In oily hands, the tools may get slipped and cause damage. If you get Sands beside you use the sands to make your hand dry.
  10. Follow the instruction book to use the tools. You can also watch videos on YouTube about how to use the tools.

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