Top 23 Best Hand Tool Brands on the Market

Best Hand Tool Brands on the Market

Definition of Hand Tools

The best definition of a hand tool is manually controlled by human beings. It does not need any power source (batteries or electricity) to operate. It needs your manual labor. When someone wants to buy a hand tool he should think about the best hand tool brands in the market. This is the first priority of people. The people of America consider buying hand tools from local brands. American brands are now manufacturing the best hand tools. They are also exporting products outside. The best attraction of the local brands is the brands follow American standards. Not only American brands but also other brands are following American standards now. So you can rely on the brands which are on the top of the list.


In this article, we will learn about the 15 best hand tool brands which are serving the best hand tools worldwide. But before it, you need to have knowledge about the components of the best hand tool brands.


Components of the best hand tool brands

A hand tool is a necessary asset but not compulsory. So people want to buy hand tools within their budget. Money is the most valuable asset. So you will obviously spend your money on the best hand tools. The best brands follow some standards to create the best one. So you should have an idea of that standards. Let’s discuss the components below.


Lifetime warranty-

Some brands offer a lifetime warranty on their hand tools. But most of the customers are confused about this term. If your product fails to perform for some reason the brand can replace the product. Some brands need the purchase documents and some do not. But if Your tools experience failure due to normal wire or tool abuse, the brands will not replace the tool. Some brands also give a no-break guarantee. It is also a good indication of all the best brands. Try to gain information about the lifetime warranty of the brands from their websites.



You can have knowledge about the durability of a hand tool before buying it. You have to research the product details and reviews in the online market places. If your tool is not durable you cannot use it comfortably. The brands that give no break guarantee or full lifetime warranty on their products, try to buy from them.


Micro-level features –

As hand tools need manual labor to operate, you should find what satisfies you the most. Suppose you have bought a screwdriver with a metal handle. Now if you want to hold it for a long time, it will hurt your hand. Or after few years, it will experience rust. This will affect your working capability. If the screwdriver has a grip handle it will be comfortable for you to hold it and use it. It will not affect your working capability if you work for even some hours continuously. You should research such micro features. It will help you to complete your project easily.


Safety instruction-

Hand tools are always safer to use than power tools. But sometimes accidents take place. It can cause severe damage to your body. So it is mandatory to be safe always. Some brands attach safety issues or warnings on the body of a hand tool. This helps a man to use it without having any physical damage. Try to buy the hand tools which have such warnings on their body. You can get such information on their official websites.


Accuracy and precision-

Accuracy and precision rate are one of the main concerns of best hand tools. And so for the brands. Best brands always mention the degree of rotation, torque, sizes, etc in the product description. So go for such brands and their products.


Good price-

Different brands fix different prices on their products. Sometimes the price can very even the products are same. But quality matters. Best quality hand Tools are more expensive than ordinary hand tools. It is the best choice to spend more on the best quality hand tools.


The 23 Best Hand Tool Brands On The Market


1. Stanley

Stanley is one of the best, reliable and innovative brands in the world. It is the Most trusted hand tool brand. The brand was founded in 1843. For more than 176 years the brand is serving the best quality tools. The professionals depend on Stanley for decades.


The most special service of Stanley is the full lifetime warranty. If any product is broken or falls for some reason, they will replace the tool. They make a quality test to ensure the best quality. Their Innovative ideas are on the top of the market. Their tools have multiple functions. Their Official website is very much well organized. You can easily find product details on the website.


Stanley makes all the tools you need for home improvement i.e pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, electrical accessories, garden tools, doors, etc. They also create personal protection wears like hearing protection, gloves, respirators, hand hats, etc. Stanley manufactures all the hand tools you need including tape measure, pliers, hammers, wrecking bars, socket, cutting tools, knives, blades, scissors, wrenches, screwdriver, nut drives, etc. You can get tool boxes if you do not want to buy tools individually.


The tool boxes of Stanley are of different sizes and purposes. They also provide multifunctional tool boxes. you can get their products on their website or any other online marketplaces like Amazon, Home Depot, etc.



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2. Snap On

The Snap On was founded in 1920. First, it was a household company in the USA. But now they are serving their tools in more than 130 countries. For easy access, the company has more than 4800 mobile stores worldwide. According to an online poll in 2021, Snap On is one of the top best hand tool brands.


The Products of Snap On are unique. They sell premium products. So their product a little bit expensive. But price doesn’t matter when the product is very good. They Have the confidence to serve Professional products worldwide. The company meets all safety standards. Snap On attaches warnings and safety messages to their tools. They also provide detailed instructions. The main attraction is that they have the right variety of tools and equipment so that you can use the right tools for the right purpose.


In Snap On you can find premium hand tools, Power Tools, diagnostics, related accessories. The company sells different sizes of drive tools, screwdriver, plier, hammer, hooks and pics, torque, prybars, wrenches, general hand tools, etc. You can order their catalog which is named “CAT 1500” free of cost.


3. Dewalt

Dewalt is one of the top quality tools brands. The company offers the best quality hand and power tools in the USA. In 1924, Dewalt was formed by the name of Raymond Dewalt. From 19 24 to 2021 they have been manufacturing professional tools or accessories. Dewalt is now the best quality service provider in America.


Dewalt provides a “No break guarantee” in the USA and Canada. If you are to fall or break, you can contact them via phone, email, local service center, or website. The company also provides a 3-year Limited warranty. Within 3 years, Dewalt will repair your tools without any change. But the warranty is not applicable for the failure due to normal wear and tool abuse. The company also provides 7 years limited liability warranty. the Main attraction of Dewalt is the 30-day money-back guarantee.  You can return your tool within 30 days with the receipt for a full refund.


The hand tools of Dewalt withstand the toughest job site conditions. The company manufactures axes, hammers, hand saws, pliers, knives, wrenches, blades, screwdrivers, nail sets, ratchets, measuring tools, hex keys, etc. Dewalt manufacture one of the best mechanical hand tool boxes. These boxes include all the necessary hand tools of different sizes. Besides hand tools, the company also manufactures the best power tools, outdoor equipment, gears, and storage, etc.


4. Channellock

Channellock is famous for its pliers. The brand makes the best quality pliers of different sizes and purposes.  The Channellock was founded in 1886. Since then the brand has manufactured high-quality pliers of 75 different sizes. It also makes the best hand tools of the market nowadays.


Channellock does not need any personal information for ordering their products on their site. The brand creates, produces, and Delhi horse best hand tool products. Channellock uses high carbon named C1080 steel for the best performance. The electronic coating they use prevents the tools from rust. Their blue handle grip is very much comfortable to hold. They also offer a limited-time warranty on Their products.


As we have said, Channellock is the best brand for pliers. They manufacture different types of pliers like tongue and groove, cutting, long nose, long reach, slip joint, etc. The brand also sells some best quality screwdrivers like Phillips, multi-bit, slotted, Torx, etc. Besides Channellock manufactures rescue tools, welding tools, crimper, snips, wire strippers, wrenches, and different tool boxes i.e. plier sets, wrench sets, screwdriver sets, and mechanics sets. You can find their products on their websites or in some local hardware stores.


5. Craftsman

Craftsman is a very famous brand among the people of America. It is one of the best brands for tools and accessories. For nearly a century, the Craftsman is working for homeowners, builders, and mechanics. They are trying to improve their tools over the last few years.


Craftsman serves the strongest warranties on their tools. If you need to repair your product, just return the product to them. You can even get a replacement also. In hand tools, Craftsman provides a full lifetime warranty. You do not even need to show proof of purchase. They have an online service center where you can ask about the problems of your tools by simply mentioning the model number.


Craftsman manufactures lots of products. They have power tools, automotive tools, hand tools, merchandise, outdoor tools and equipment, accessories, and storage. Craftsman manufactures all kinds of basic hand tools like carters and snips, finishing tools, hammers, demolitions tools, hand saws, hex keys, knives and blades, nut drivers, pliers, ratchets, and sockets, screwdrivers, etc. They also manufacture some best quality mechanics tool boxes which are on the top choice of the mechanics.



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6. Klein

Klein Has a long historical background. The brand was founded in 1857. The Founder of Klein was Mathias Klein. The Klein brand is now on the top of manufacturing hand tools in the electrical industry. The company has also branches in Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Germany, Mexico, Korea, and the United Kingdom.


Klein supply the finest quality products. Klein company has distributors worldwide who serve their products. In 2014 Klein has opened the heat treating facility in Mansfield, TX. Klein has also an advanced manufacturing technology center in Mansfield. The company tries to manufacture the best quality hand tools in the markets.


Klein sells lots of products. They have battery-operated tools, fish tapes and conduit tools, light and accessories, power tool accessories, Telecom tools, levels, and measuring tools, etc. You Can also get the tools for home improvement like drilling and hole making, replacement parts, etc. The brand sells branded hand tools like cutters, connecting devices, construction tools, hex keys, wrenches, hammers, staplers, knives, screwdrivers, saws, blades, etc. Klein has a wide network of distributors. So it is a good decision to order tools from Klein.


7. Proto

Proto manufactures the best quality wrenches and torque wrenches. Proto is famous for wrench production. Their screwdrivers are also popular among the industries. Proto is working in this field for over a hundred years. And the Company is still growing by manufacturing better tools.


Proto manufactures the most durable and safest hand tools and power tools in the world. Proto provides a lifetime warranty in their products as we have discussed, proto is famous for manufacturing wrenches. Different sizes of wrenches. Their torque wrenches have a digital display. It can make your experience better.


Proto manufactures not only wrenches but also screwdrivers. It also manufactures thousands of tools. The tools are necessary for your home or office or outdoor purposes. In the catalog, you will find tools- tethered tools, master sets, drive tools and accessories, hand sockets, precision torque tools, measuring tools, cutting tools, fastening tools, etc. Their Hand tools have also a great value in the market places nowadays.  The hand tools include- wrenches, screwdrivers, hex keys, pliers, measuring tapes, flashlights, etc.


8. Gearwrench

Gearwrench is a common brand to the people of America.  The company usually manufactures the products that are used in different workshops. It is not an old company. Gearwrench was found in 1996. Within only 25 years, they are on the list of top ten hand tool brands. Gearwrench manufactures about 4800 different mechanic tools which are huge in number.


Gearwrench is considered a game-changer company in hand tools. It is because the company produces the hand tools in a new and advanced method. So they can manufacture more tools within less time by maintaining the best quality. As a result, the company has achieved different awards for its noticeable success. Gearwrench does not offer a full lifetime warranty on their products. The brand believes in limited warranty on their products. You can easily get their products of Gearwrench on some famous and common online platforms like Amazon, Home depot, Fastenal, tool barn, tool up,, MSC, etc. You can also get Their products near your location if you are a resident of the USA.


As we have discussed, Gearwrench manufactures up to 4800 different tools which is a huge amount. Among the tools- cutting tools, extraction tools, auto specialty, and premium tool boxes are very popular. Gearwrench sells basic hand tools like flashlights, measuring tapes, pry bars, pliers, drive tools, ratchets, screwdrivers, nut drivers, sockets, wrenches, tool storage, etc.


9. Knipex Tools

Carl Gustab Putsch started up a small forge for pliers in Cronenberg in 1882. After his death, his son Carl Putsch developed the Knipex Tools brand. The name of the brand is reportable for making pliers. If you need pliers for your project, you should go for the best quality pliers of Knipex tools.


The brand, Knipex tools, is a specialist in making different types of pliers. The pliers are used in many functions. The company uses high-quality stills and highly resistant materials in its products. The pliers have a great tolerance rate. They are durable, tough, heat resistant. The pliers pass a voltage test at 10,000 volts.


The company has a great collection of pliers. The collection includes- combination pliers, crimping pliers, cutting pliers, grip pliers, circlip pliers, crimping pliers, pipe wrenches and water pump pliers, etc. They also manufacture tool kit boxes and tool bags or cases.



10. SK Hand Tools

The brand, SK Hand tool, is specialized in hand tool manufacture. They provide premium quality and precision-crafted hand tools. The brand was founded in the early1990s. For more than a hundred years the brand is showing its ingenuity in manufacturing hand tools. At first, the brand was manufacturing only a few tools. But now SK Hand Tool manufactures over 3000 products worldwide.


SK hand tools use the best American tools to make their products. The durability of products will not be an issue. Most of the brands focus on manufacturing different tools. This sometimes affects the quality. But SK hand tool brand only focuses on hand tools. It ensures the best quality of the products. They also provide a limited lifetime warranty.


SK Hand tool to quality hand tools. Among them drive tools and sets, sockets and sets, beats and specialty sockets, wrenches and sets, screwdrivers and sets, pliers, cutters and sets, hammers, punches and chisels, and other automotive tools. The most popular products of SK hand tool are 1/2″ drive LP90 flex head teardrop ratchet 15 inches, 2 pieces of half-moon wrench set, 4 pieces cushion grip stubby screwdriver set, and SK socket bottle opener.


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11. Tekton

Tekton manufactures the best quality socket sets. It will complete your job or work more accurately and preciously. It is a family-owned company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. About 70% of their products are made in Taiwan, 25% of the product made in the USA, 3% of their products made in China, and percent of the products are made in several countries.


The main attraction of Tekton is, the company hires smart, highly talented, and creative people in the team. So they hire the best engineer and designers of the world to their manufacturing team. They also follow the standards. You can buy gift cards on their website. You can use the cards in buying products from Tekton.


You can find two types of sockets in Tekton. They are- hand drive sockets and accessories and impact sockets and accessories. These two types cover all the sockets that are available in the world. Besides, Tekton manufactures ratchets and breaker bars, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers and cutters, pry bars, punches and tinsels, hammers and mallets, clamps, etc. You can also find top-quality hats, hoodies, men’s and women’s tees with the logo of Tekton.


12. Milwaukee

The Milwaukee brand was established in 1924 by A.F.Siebert. The company generally develops and manufactures power tools. But you will find some good quality hand tools also. In 2010, they started their business for hand tools.


The company makes iconic products. Their hand tools are of unique design and they are durable. They are redesigning their tools. They also make the simplest tools of the market.


Milwaukee is famous for its extraordinary power tools. The company also manufactures batteries and chargers, site lighting, outdoor equipment, instruments, hand tools, storage, and accessories, etc. They sell all kinds of basic hand tools like hammers, wrenching, fastening, mechanics tools, bending and pulling, marking, measuring tools, cutting tools,  pliers, and layout.



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13. Kobalt

Kobalt is a well-known brand of mechanics tools, power tools, and tool storage products. The owner of Kobalt is Lowe’s Companies, Inc.


Kobalt helps you to complete your projects more accurately. It will provide you the best quality hand tools. The hand tools of Kobalt are durable, easy installation advantage, and comfortable to use.


You will find all kinds of hand tools in Kobalt. You will get power tools, air tools, compressors, hand tools, tool storage, garage tools, outdoor products, batteries, etc. The company also manufactures different mechanic tool sets which are very popular with all.


14. Irwin Tools

Irwin Tools is a professional-grade American local company that manufactures hand tools and power tools worldwide. Their vise grips locking pliers is a masterpiece. The company is developing its products for over a century. And now it is one of the top brands in the USA.


Irwin Tools has a great range of products. The price is reasonable. The products are also long-lasting. The hand saw is also great. You can also get there anywhere. You will get a safety instruction message on the body of the tools. By searching the zip code of your region, you can easily find the retailers of Irwin Tools.


Irwin Tools has plenty of top-quality unique hand tool products. They are drill bits, hole cutters, screwdrivers, pliers, drill sets, snips, utility knives, and blades, etc. They have manufactured about 150 different tools recently. You can find more information at their own website.


15. Mac Tools

Mac Tools (Mechanics Tool and Forge Company) is a subsidiary American company that was founded on July 11, 1938. It distributes professional tools worldwide. The headquarter of Mac Tools is in Websterville, Ohio, United States.  Mac Tools manufactured more than 8000 professional tools.


Mac Tools takes 100% responsibility for its products. Their respective behavior is accepted by all. The members work as a team. So they can make the best design for the market. Their products are durable. They believe in lifetime relationships with their customers. So the company tries to help their best.


Mac Tools tries to introduce new tools to the world. The brand manufactures tool storage, ratchets, and accessories, sockets, torque wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers and bits, hex and Torx keys, cutting and scraping tools, air conditioning, lighting cords, paint and body, battery and radiator, power tools, etc. Now they are improving the quality of their products and trying to increase the varieties.


16. Armstrong

In 1890, the Armstrong company was founded by four Armstrong brothers who manufactured bicycle parts and tools. Later, the brand focused on manufacturing different hand tools. Now the brand is under the Apex tool group. Their tools are used in different industries like Government sectors, aerospace,  and military fields.

The company manufactures one of the best quality hand tools. It is a highly rated manufacturer brand behind the three common brands Crescent, Gearwrench, and Campbell. Anyone who has used their products will definitely like them. The brands mostly manufacture socket sets and wrenches. Besides, they manufacture tool storage,  mechanics tool sets, ratchets and driver tools, hex keys, torque products, nut drivers, striking and struck, pry bars, clamps, screwdriver sets, cutting tools, measuring tools, flies and saws, pullers, and eye bolts. If you are looking for a top-quality tool for your industry, you can check the products of Armstrong.


17. Martin Tools

Martin Tools is a very common brand among factories, industries, and warehouses. The brand focuses on manufacturing industrial hand tools or repairing hand tools. Since 1951, the brand has been manufacturing tools not only in the USA but also in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and China.

Martin Tools tries to maintain the best quality. That’s why it manufactures professional-grade hand tools. The brand now manufactures tools for metalworking. Mitron Roller Chain Sprocket of different sizes, Martin 10445-1/4″  blade heavy duty double end S-spoon, Martin sprocket &  dear fender bumper,  Martin 1111 medium short curved pick, Martin 165G pick body hammer, Martin tools MRT 164G hammer, Martin 154FG round face vertical chisel body hammer with fiberglass handle, Martin 1026 9″ blade medium crown spoon, etc are some of the best and unique tools manufactured by Martin tools. If you are looking for the finest auto body repair and maintenance tools, we suggest you the brand, Martin tools.


18. Carlyle

Carlyle is a professional hand tool brand under Napa ( National Auto Parts Association). The name of the brand is named after the name of one of the founding members of Napa, Carlyle Fraser. Carlyle manufactures premium hand tools.

Carlyle manufactures more than 3000 tools of different categories like hand tools, power tools, lifting tools, specialty tools, shop equipment, etc. Among the hand tools of Carlyle,  sockets,   ratchets and accessories, screwdrivers, hammers, and wrenches are very common to all. If you want to buy for your car repair shop or car dealership, you can approach the Carlyle brand. You can purchase the tools online, from their own website.


19. J.H.Williams

J.H. Williams  Tool Group is a division of the famous American hand to manufacturer Snap-On. The brand makes good quality hand tools for a wide range of uses. In 1887, J.H. Williams & Co was founded by James Harvey  Williams and Matthew Diamond. Later in 1993, Snap On acquired the brand.


J.H. Williams has plenty of collection of tools. It makes torque tools, socket and drive tools, flies, wrenches, tool storage, master sets, power tool accessories, pliers,  screwdrivers, hammers, scissors, and knives. The brand also manufactures pipe tools, clamps, Hydraulics,  punches and chisels,  insulated tools, hand  Hacksaws, and wood chisels. You can buy the tools directly from its tool truck or from online.


20. Blackhawk

Black Hawk brand is a part of the Proto-industrial brand. In 1919, Black Hawk was found in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. But in 1993, Proto acquired the brand. Since then the brand is making some outstanding hand tools.

Black Hawk makes more than a thousand different tools. The brand also follows the ANSI standard. It uses high-quality steel for the tools. The brand provides a limited lifetime warranty. You can get different types of tools like wrenches, sockets, hammers, pliers, punches, chisels,  pullers, specialty automotive tools, etc in the Blackhawk.  and also get different master sets or tool boxes here. Follow its website to get the details of the products.


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21. Wright Tools

Wright Tools is a very common brand to different industries and manufacturers. Since 1927, the brand has been manufacturing one of the best quality hand tools. It is a premium tool distributor in America. The United States Government has selected Wright Tools company as a top-performing contractor for government supply.

The hand tools of Wright Tools meet ANSI standards. The brand also provides a limited-time warranty. On the website, you will get the customer service number or fax number. You can contact them anytime you want to know their privacy policies.

Wright Tools brand manufactures all of its hand tools in Barberton, Ohio, USA. The hand tools include-  drive sockets, nuts and bolts,  wrenches, ratchets, attachments, etc. You can get their products at a local store or retailer shop. You have to buy the tools by contacting the distributors. It is the supplier of government industries, you can rely on the Wright Tools Company. It is a trusted brand in the history of hand tool manufacturers.


22. Wilde Tools

About 95 years ago, Wilde Tools company was founded and introduced to all by manufacturing angled nose pliers. From time to time the company has focused on manufacturing other hand tools. During this time it is one of the best hand tool brands in the market.

The company does not manufacture lots of products. It focuses on making hand tools such as pliers, punches, wrenches, pry bars, etc. The company also manufactures different hand tools for the automotive, electrical, plumbing, and agricultural sectors. You can find their tools in the trusted stores only. If you want a quality product, we assure you that Wilde Tools will not disappoint you.


23. Lang Tools

Nowadays, Lang Tools is A Remarkable hand tools industry. It makes the most classy wrench with a colorful and comfortable grip. It can comfort you during your work. Since 1932, the Lang family has been making professional and premium quality hand tools. Now, Lang Tools has become a part of Snap On family. The company is very popular in the auto mechanic industry.

Lang Tools manufactures a wide variety of hand tools. The team manufactures one of the best quality hand tools. The E-Z Grip Wrenches is a famous product manufactured by the brand. The team is very specialist in making different types of pliers and wrenches. Besides, they manufacture gasket scrapers,  gauges blades, pry bars, rethreaded tools, ratchets, nuts, sockets, motorcycle tools, truck tools, pulleys, battery tools,  brakes, etc. The Lang Tools may serve the best quality hand tools for your home use.


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Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Hand Tool Brands


1. What are the best hand tool brands in 2021?

Answer: According to an online poll, the best hand tool brands in 2021 are- Stanley, DeWalt, Snap On, Craftsman, Milwaukee, Channellock, Klein, Proto, Knipex Tools, Gearwrench, SK Hand Tools, Tekton, Irwin Tools, Kobalt, Mac Tools.


2. Why are the brands best of all?

Answer: The best hand tool brands follow some ethics. They provide a warranty and guarantee on their tools. The brands also follow American standards and they attach safety instructions on their tools. They also try their best to manufacture high-quality, durable, and user-friendly hand tools in the market.


3. Why are the tools of Snap On a little bit expensive?

Answer: Snap On is a much reliable company. It provides a full lifetime warranty on its products. You do not have to worry about the break or failure of your hand tools. On the other hand, Snap On uses high-quality Steel to make its products more durable. Its Coatings and paints are also better than the other brands. And so the cost of the products of Snap On is a little bit high.


4. How do I return a broken tool?

Answer: At first, you have to research the warranty policies of your tool brand. If the respective brand does not provide a lifetime warranty or a limited time warranty on their products, then you can not return your tool. On the other hand, if your tool is broken because of normal wear or tool abuse, you can not get the replacement. The company may need the purchase documents for the proof. So follow the brand’s westside to get detailed information about returning a broken tool.

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